Coldplay Now Goes As “Los Unidades”?

Writer: Fly FM

What’s going on? Chris Martin and the band Coldplay just released a new song called “E-Lo,” which features Pharrell Williams and rapper Jozzy.

But hold your horses that’s not the shock factor here, it’s the fact that they might have just changed their name? The name Coldplay doesn’t appear anywhere on the track. Instead, the track is accredited to Los Unidades, which is a new name for Coldplay. Parlophone, the record label who runs Coldplay now unfortunately goes by the name Los Unidades a “new signing” in a tweet on Monday, which featured a blurry image of the new band. The image, however, includes the message: “Y02LPAC81ODL,”no it’s not a code for a bomb threat, when unscrambled, reads “Coldplay 2018!

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