This Is Why Cleaning Your Room Is The Best Form Of Self-Care

We don’t mean to sound like your mom or anything, but there’s a logical reason why cleaning your room is the best form of self-care.

Sure, baths and makeovers are nice but have you ever imagined walking into a spick-and-span bedroom, with organized bookshelves and matching pillow covers? Yep, it’s such a breath of fresh air.

If you haven’t had time to clean up the mess in your room yet, you’ll want to do so after reading this! It’s only January, so you’ve got plenty of time to begin.

A messy room is bad for your life (literally)

Source: New York Times

According to The Financial Diet, clutter disrupts the flow of good energy into your life. When your surroundings are messy AF, you can bet that your life would probably be as such. Our personal space is an extension of the energy that we project and invite into our lives. Having an organized space allows good energy to flow in and out of our lives.

No mess = no stress

A study done in 2010 showed that women who described their homes as “messy” had higher stress levels than women who described their homes as “restorative.” In a clean space, people tend to feel more relaxed and tend to be more productive. They feel more grounded and at home.

How to clean up your room

The best way to start is by KonMari-ing your items. Choose only the ones that “spark joy” and toss out the stuff you no longer use or need. Tossing out unnecessary stuff eliminates clutter quickly. Then, use a vacuum to get rid of dust bunnies that may be living in hidden corners of your room. Organize your clothes too, by category and colour. You’ll soon find that you have something to wear.