Chloe Ting Shuts Down Personal Trainer Who Criticized Her & Said She’s Just A “Pretty Face in Yoga Pants”

If you’re one of those people that attempted to get fit over the quarantine period (MCO for us Malaysians) – like me, heh – you would have heard of names like Pamela Reif, MadFit, Holly Dolke and Chloe Ting. Chloe Ting, in particular, blew up on social media for her workouts that were marketed as workouts for “abs in 2 weeks” or to “lose weight in 2 weeks”. Her most viewed video, titled “Get Abs in 2 Weeks”, has over 220 MILLION views and has been the inspiration behind countless reviews, TikToks, memes and social experiments.



However, as with all content on social media, Chloe Ting has been the butt of many jokes as well as taken on tonnes of backlash. Much of it centring around the fact that her videos aren’t as effective as they seem to market themselves to be. Amongst those that have used Chloe Ting’s videos as well as her person for content is Singaporean bodybuilder Chin Nian Kang (@dinokang). Two months ago, Chin took to his Instagram to post 62 stories about the fitness Youtuber in en expose he titled, “The Scoop On Chloe Ting”. Amongst the issues Chin had with Ting is the fact that her video titles seem to idolise certain body types while seemingly shamings as well as the fact that according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer, Ting’s nutritional advise had major flaws. He said,


Chloe Ting knows nothing about fitness or dieting or lifting or training, but she’s really good at sounding like she does.”


Now, months later, Chloe has addressed Chin’s claims in a 16 minute video titled, ‘Time To Talk’.


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Just posted a video on YT responding to the hate that ive been getting. 🥺

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Ting starts off by saying that she had not wanted to make the video in the first place but that the amount of hate she had received as a result of Chin’s Instagram stories meant that she couldn’t let it slide. Without mentioning his name, Ting shared,


Someone’s malicious campaign towards me and we’re going to talk about clickbait and money. I don’t like to give haters any attention so no free shoutouts for anyone so please don’t leave comments or hate on this persons page.”


And while she’s used to having to deal with both positive and negative comments and reviews, she found that Chin’s 62 stories were unwarranted. Stating that she was not going to condone his defamatory comments nor was she going to be a pushover, Ting stated:


But there’s this one particular guy that I can’t respect. He curated 62 Instagram stories about me. That’s a lot of effort. That happened two months ago and normally I don’t give a s*** about these things but to see him selling it as an “expose of Chloe Ting” and to see him trying to milk it after two months, trying to make a profit out of it, having people quote him like it’s the truth – that’s just not right when it’s defamatory.”



She squashes his claim that her content does not condone nor does it support muscle gain in women by sharing snippets from her older videos where she talks about muscle gain. In the clips, she says how muscle gain is a good thing and how she loves lifting weights. She also rubbishes his second claim that she wouldn’t do bicep curls because it’s “not lady friendly” with a clip of her doing the exercise.



Then before bringing in a clinical psychologist who specialises in body dysmorphia disorder, Ting starts off by saying that Chin’s claims had a heavy focus on what he believes is her “promoting body dysmorphic disorders”. In Ting’s words, the fact that Chin demeans her by calling her “a pretty face in yoga pants” is ironic, as he is then publicly shaming her body without knowing how Ting’s body is nor knowing her fitness journey. Dr Ben Buchanan, the clinical psychologist that she video calls, agrees that Chin’s words are similar to trolling, with it being “a bit of a shame that he points out that you might be getting people to be hyper-focused on their body but then he seems to do the same thing to you as well.”



When asked if he thought that Kang’s words would be considered as body shaming, Buchanan confirmed that it was, taking into account the fact that Chloe has always been careful with her content so as to not trigger people nor perpetuate unrealistic standards of beauty. In Buchanan’s words, Chloe’s content is impressive because…


Looking at your content and seeing the community that you’re building is that it’s a really kind and compassionate community where there’s a focus on diversity and that everyone’s on their own individual journey and you’re constantly saying things like, ‘Don’t compare your progress to other people’s progress’ and ‘Make sure you eat because in order to build this muscle you can’t be restricted’. You’re saying things that make it more about the way we feel than about the way we look.”


Moving on to talk about her viral video, ‘Get Abs in 2 Weeks’, Chin talked about how the title was misleading. According to Ting, Chin is taking the title too literally – she says how it’s important to follow up with the other workouts that the video links to and to eat healthy as well – “because he has an agenda”. She clarified that she chooses her titles with them being somewhat tongue in cheek, with them meant to not be taken literally. She even inserts video clips of people saying that they don’t expect to get abs in 2 weeks but that it’s a great motivator to get them moving. In reality, Ting mentions, even Chin’s brother’s girlfriend has done her workouts some of my workouts and “doesn’t seem to have a problem understanding it was just a workout title”.



Ting also goes on to say that Chin, who claims Ting’s workouts have “Zero Intensity”, is attacking society as a whole for wanting videos like hers, which he says are the “easy way out”. Ting addressed a question posed to Chin asking how many followers he’d gained after the expose of Ting (to which he answered, “About 10k”). While using his own words against him, she advised:


If you wanted to grow your Instagram following and sell your PT services, you could have just done it the right way; grow it organically just like everyone else. It’s hard but you gotta do it the right way. Instead, you chose the ‘easy way out’ by bringing someone else down so you can rise up.”


Chin has since posted his rebuttal of Ting’s video, stating that his intention was never to body shame nor focus on body shaming. Instead, his focus was on the misinformation that he says Ting has been spreading through her videos on fitness and nutrition. He attributes this focus to:


I guess it was the easiest way to shift the focus from the blatant misinformation on nutrition and training to hating this small fry body builder from SG.”



However, he makes it blatantly clear that he has never told his followers or curious Georges to avoid or ignore her content. Instead, he praises her for being so positive and for inspiring others to start their fitness journey. Despite this, he hopes that more people take the time to vet and ensure that the information that they are spreading is correct.


Watch Ting’s full video here for more of Chin’s points that she debunked:



However, in the wise words of Dr Buchanan himself,

Our conscious mind can pay attention to one thing at a time and what we choose to pay attention to goes about creating our view of reality.”


So choose to focus on positivity and how something can be beneficial to you rather than spending your time bashing it.