Caught Your Husband Having An Affair? You Can Sue His Mistress

Woah! Guess what, sueing your husband’s mistress is a legit thing! According to Asklegal, you can sue the woman for ruining your marriage. However, do note this is for civil marriages and not Islamic marriages.

How does this work? Gather the evidence 

Compile all the evidence you have. This may include pictures/videos of them spending time together, contracting STDs from extramarital affairs, receipts of gifts presented to his lover and also the birth of an illegitimate child to the adulteress. With all the evidence, you need to establish a case against him by filing for divorce.

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Make a petition against your man’s mistress 

Next, you can make a petition against her in the civil court. This is stated under Section 58(1) of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 (“LRA”) as follows:

“On a petition for divorce in which adultery is alleged…the party shall make the alleged adulterer or adulteress a co-respondent unless excused by the court on special grounds from doing so.”

Money talks 

The adulteress is referred to as a co-respondent under the Act, in the event of adultery. She can be sued for damages in the form of monetary claims once the court thinks there is sufficient evidence against her.

However, if you’re thinking about putting her behind bars, think again, because your husband’s mistress cannot be charged or be jailed. At least, you get to use that ahem* money to go on a shopping spree and make yourself fine. Man’s gonna’ be sorry he cheated on you!