Can You Identify What Is Your Relationship Flavour?

“Aww… you guys are so sweet!” If you’ve heard this from your friends, you’re probably in a sweet relationship.

But how do you know what’s your relationship’s flavour? After all, we don’t say, “Aww… you guys are so salty!” even though sometimes, we really should! Your relationship’s flavour matters because then you’ll know whether it’s worth tasting.

Read on to identify if your relationship is sweet, spicy, salty, sour or bitter.

1. Sweet

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You think you’ve found “The One,” and we’re sure you probably have! You and your partner are the ideal couple, basically relationship goals. Your relationship is everything a girl wants, and you’ve got it, so it’s time to enjoy it. Your partner is sweet, kind, and shows that he cares about you a lot, in his actions and words. You’ve got the sweetest relationship ever!

2. Spicy

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Your relationship is a sexy one. You and your partner are constantly being intimate, making out, and having the best sex of your lives. You and your partner may be into the kinky stuff, like spanking, impact play and choking. Your friends may judge you, but whatever, right? You’re having a good, spicy time and you deserve it!

3. Salty

You’re in a really playful relationship. It’s casual, and you and your partner aren’t 100% committed yet, but you’re completely in love with each other. You’re both pretty sarcastic too. Could you BE in a better relationship? We’re not sure, but it sure leaves you both room to throw salt at each other, and yet get closer together every time.

4. Sour

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You aren’t sure what your role is in the relationship. Are you his girlfriend or just one of his girl friends? It’s best to talk to your partner and define your relationship properly so you won’t have a sour feeling about it. Let your partner know how you feel about this, but give him the benefit of doubt – maybe he doesn’t know what he wants in a relationship either.

5. Bitter

To the bitter end! You’re dating your partner, but both of you know it’s not going to end well. You feel like your relationship is coming to an end soon, and one of you will probably break it off. It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth but you’re holding on to those last moments of sweetness. When you do break it off, let yourself mourn for a lost relationship, but be glad you’re out of that bitter phase.