Can You Be Friends With Your Boss?

Just like you and I, many professionals find ourselves wanting to develop a deeper connection with our boss. After all, we spend almost 40 hours a week together at work, so we’d naturally want to form a friendship.

On one hand, a good relationship with your boss can be advantageous to your career development. On the other hand, when you blur the lines between professional and personal relationships, things can quickly get complicated.

It can be a tough situation to navigate, especially if your boss seems to want to be friends with you. So, can you be friends with your boss? Let’s find out.

Friendship may stretch beyond office hours

If you’re just a little closer to your boss than your colleagues, he/she may feel free to call or text you beyond office hours for personal matters. As with friends, you normally do not reject their calls, but speaking to your boss even after office hours can feel like work. It’s also harder to reject your boss than it is to reject your friends. If your boss can recognise that after office hours is off-limits no matter what, then you’re all good.

How close is too close?

It can get uncomfortable if your boss confides in you about your other colleagues. Who knows – he or she may be saying the same thing about you to your other colleagues. When it comes to this issue, as an employee, it’s important to draw the line between your boss’ personal feelings and professionalism. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let your boss know that you’re uncomfortable with speaking about other people.


Being friends with your boss can be a good thing

You have a networking advantage with your boss, and he/ she could become your career mentor. You’ll get personal and professional advice when it’s needed. Besides that, you’re able to express yourself better at work because your boss may be more receptive and respectful towards your ideas. In other words, work can become an environment where you thrive, instead of just taking paycheck after paycheck home.

Were you ever friends with your boss? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, if work is stressing you out with this friendship-not friendship issue, take some time off with this aromatherapy full body massage for only RM139. Such a steal!