Buttery Skin Is The Only Makeup Trend That Matters Right Now

Feature photos courtesy of MUA @isabelle.de.vries

Move over yoga skin, there’s a new makeup trend in town and she’s the only one that matters right now. Radiant, sheeny, buttery skin.

Buttery skin is looks similar to glass skin – which focuses on a healthy, hydrated radiant complexion. The only difference is that glass skin focuses on skincare and skin prep, while buttery skin is achieved with a specific makeup technique. While glass skin appears plump and bouncy, almost religiously hydrated, buttery skin looks silky smooth and blends into your natural skin texture.

It’s called ‘buttery skin’ because the look is similar to the shine and sheen of butter, according to Isabelle De Vries, the makeup artist who pioneered this trend.

Prep your skin

Begin by exfoliating your skin, either chemically or physically, to get rid of dead skin cells and dry patches. This technique works best with freshly moisturized skin. Use a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid (better yet – a sheet mask or sleeping mask) to prep your skin for the day.

Face base

To begin with, and apply an illuminating face primer on your canvas. Layer a dewy foundation on top with your fingertips, which helps warm up the foundation for a more natural look.


Stick to liquid or cream blushers and highlighters for truly buttery skin. The only powder product you’ll be using is contour if you need to add more depth to your face.

Highlight with a balm

Here’s the step that makes it all happen. Take a clear balm (even lipbalm will do) and apply it to the high points of your cheeks. It adds a lit-from-within glow to your face without all that extra sparkle. Dab some onto your eyelids too, for an extra glow.

Mist all over

Take a dewy setting spray and spritz generously all over your face to finish off the buttery skin look!

You don’t need flawless skin to achieve this look – it’s all about layering. Will you try buttery skin? Let us know!