Hairy Situation: Bushes Are Taking Over The Fashion World By Storm

You may have seen a lot of really crazy stuff on the runway — but we bet you haven’t seen a bushy runway show before.

In February earlier this year, fashion designer KAIMIN stunned New York Fashion Week with the appearance of vagina mohawks in her edgy show, in which she described as ‘futuristic punk aesthetic’.

The South Korean label that houses three exclusive stores in Paris, Italy and Qatar had models walk down the runway wearing triangular patches of fur (a.k.a. vajayjay wigs or merkins) around their crotches, along with thigh-high boots and metallic jackets.

Interestingly, the merkins, which came in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes were the result of a collaboration with hairstylists from Prema Hair salon in NYC. The team has reportedly worked hard on figuring out the best way to get them made and to have them looking as natural as possible.

Talk about making an impression.

Meanwhile, at the recent NYFW show last September, Madonna’s 21-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon made sure all eyes were on her as she donned a shell bra-style top that only just covered her areolas.

The tiny garment was made of chains and it was paired with some extremely tattered jeans that were slashed below the knee. But there’s more — Apparently, the model proudly showed off her female body hair with unshaven legs as she strutted her stuff on the Gypsy Sport catwalk.

Good to be seeing a different kind of fur on the runway.

Well, it looks like the fashion world has spoken, and it doesn’t care about female body hair anymore! This just shows that the society is slowly embracing women in our natural state, which makes it easier for us to go through our daily life sans shaving.

With that said, we are all for female body empowerment and we encourage everyone to treat your bodies like canvases.

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