Burberry Releases “Modern” CNY Ad & Asians Aren’t Happy

Just recently, Dolce & Gabbana went under the fire for a series of commercial episodes that featured a Chinese woman struggling to eat Italian food like spaghetti, pizza and cannoli with chopsticks. Just when we thought the fashion industry has learnt its lesson, Burberry is the latest to make insensitive campaign ad.

ICYMI, for their Chinese New Year 2019 ad, they featured a traditional Chinese family portrait dressed in Burberry’s classic signature clothing. Seems normal?

Well not really. Instead of posting up a red, vibrant ad for Chinese New Year, they went to a Asian version of The Addams Family! In less than 24 hours since its release, the post has been viewed more than 40,000 times.

Source: Burberry

The campaign titled ‘Modern Tradition’, was directed by an American photographer Ethan James Green, also features actresses Zhao Wei and Zhou Dongyu.

Brand ambassadors Vicky Zhao and Zhou Dongyu posing for Burberry's CNY campaign. Photo: VCG

Source: Burberry

What’s worst, their CNY ad also features outfits in black which is considered bad luck in the Chinese culture. In case you didn’t already know, Chinese believe if you wear dark clothes during lunar New Year, you’re actually inviting bad luck!

Do you think brands should think hard about the roots of traditions before celebrating them?

High-fashion or creepy Asian horror movie? Let us know what you think!