BTS Shares Their Holy Grail Skincare Tips For Flawless, Glowing Skin

It’s no secret that the boys from the most phenomenal Korean boyband we’ve seen yet have perfectly flawless, glowing skin.

Some of which, we envy. With their busy schedules and constant travelling, how do the boys keep their skin so glass-like? If you’ve watched some of their videos or movies, you’ll know that the BTS boys take care of their skin better than most of us do.

We haven’t seen a blemish on them yet, but we’ve found out each of their holy grail beauty habits.

1. Suga

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Some of us can relate to Suga on a spiritual level. As one of the rappers of the group, Suga also has a low-maintenance appearance and even sparked some ARMYs to defend him online with the hashtag #YoongiWeLoveYou after his apparent weight gain was questioned.

Sometimes, the rapper skips his skincare routine because he can be too tired, but bounces back by putting a sheet mask on his face the very next day.

2. V

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At 24, Kim Tae-hyung a.k.a V enjoys the finer, classier things in life like Gucci and Van Gogh. As he travels around with his fellow band members quite a lot, V has one in-flight skincare routine that he won’t miss. He told Allure:

On the plane, I dampen cotton pads with toner and put on lotion twice as much.”

Thanks for the tip, V!

3. Jimin

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As the selfie-addict in the group, Jimin is also one of the best dancers (they’re all great dancers, though!). Jimin has pink hair, which means he’s pretty much down with self-care and skin love. After performances, Jimin will quickly cleanse his face to clear his mind.

Let’s all agree that we do need a little cleansing after a hard day’s work.

4. Jungkook

Fondly known as “Kookie,” Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS at just 22-years-old. He can do everything, including rap, sing and dance, which makes him very much idol material. Like most regular people though, he gets pimples sometimes. He admitted:

“It’s very stressful.”

So he combats that with toner and moisturiser for his day and night skincare routine. Hey, if it works, it works!

5. RM

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RM is our writer’s bias as she’s very fond of his badass rapping and charming looks. As the leader of the group, 25-year-old RM usually takes the lead in international interviews because he’s the most fluent in English, among his fellow members.

Like Jungkook, RM gets his fair share of acne too, despite being one with dry skin type. So, RM tends to moisturise his complexion with his favourite Mediheal sheet masks.

6. J-Hope

The most energetic and enthusiastic member of BTS, J-Hope channels good vibes and positive energy on stage, and in real life. Who can forget about Chicken Noodle Soup, his solo debut with Becky G? He mentioned that taking care of one’s skin is the number one rule for all celebrities, hence his skincare routine has to be the most comprehensive of all BTS members.

“I try to go to the dermatologist when I have some free time after work.”

Besides that, his nightly skincare routine includes toner, essence, acne care, lotion, and moisturising cream. Such dedication!

7. Jin

Kim Seok-jin a.k.a. Jin plays the guitar and has a free-spirited, tender singing voice. At 26, he’s a visual member and vocalist of the South Korean boyband. As the visual member, Jin values his skincare routine.

“Skin completes my appearance. That’s a pivotal part of my face.”

Jin’s love for his skin is the reason why he tends to put on sheet masks to brighten up his complexion and make up for lost moisture.