4 Brow Tips To Make Your Girls Look On Flique

Your eyebrows frame your face, so if you have relatively sparse brows, you can feel pretty insecure about going outside and meeting people without at least some form of brow makeup.

Full brows can make you look much edgier than you actually are. If you’re blessed with a pair of on fleek arches, you don’t even need a bit of brow powder! Lucky you!


Anyway, if you made the unfortunate mistake of tweezing too much of your eyebrows off in the 90s, here are some tips to help you slay the current brow trend ala Cara.

1. Apply castor oil onto your eyebrows every night

Castor oil encourages the production of keratin, which helps your brow hairs grow thick and strong. Get a bottle of this oil and slather a generous amount onto your brows (and lashes!) every night and you’ll wake up with brows like Cara’s after at least two weeks!


2. Nothing beats soap brows

Source: Pinterest

Soap brows are like a cheaper version of brow gels, only they give you better results. Soap doesn’t get stiff or flaky, unlike brow gel, so you’ll have fluffy brows all day, every day.

3. Draw your eyebrows upwards

Not across, darling! Push your eyebrow hairs upwards for natural-looking, thick brows. Your brow hairs grow upwards naturally, not horizontally. The latter will give it an artificial appearance and we’d like to avoid that, please!

4. Do your eyebrows before foundation


If you’re the type of girl who does your brows for every makeup sesh, do that first and then add a layer of foundation. The foundation can help cover up any unsightly brow mistakes so you’ll turn up on a regular workday with Insta-worthy brows!