Breathtaking Sceneries In KL For Your Perfect Garden-Themed Wedding

We’re all dreaming of having an aesthetically pleasing outdoor weddings, right? Who doesn’t? An outdoor wedding is an enjoyable experience for the bride, groom and all the guests to be surrounded by the beauty of nature—perfect to celebrate love. Today, we gathered some of the best breathtaking outdoor locations situated in Kuala Lumpur, for you to fulfill your forest-themed wedding. Click away! 

1. Castra By Colony at Star Boulevard 

(Source: Castra by Colony)

A bohemian luxury-encampment-wedding atmosphere? Say no more. Located on a rooftop terrace in Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle, Castra by Colony offers 2 mediterranean-inspired luxe tents set in an expansive 4,000 sqft private garden lounge with a barbecue deck. Meticulously designed for people to experience great outdoors—your guests (and you) would be thrilled at taking selfies and photographs as it is the perfect Instagrammable spot.

2. Roofino Skydining and Bar KL 

(Source: Roofino Skydining and Bar)

Love is in the air! Located on the 34th floor of Trillion KL is this restaurant and wedding space that is perfect for those looking to get married against the stunning backdrop of KL city. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls also give a spacious feel for guests to enjoy their dinner throughout your wedding day. Just the thought of saying “I do” in this carefully crafted space is already a dream come true! 

3. The Grounds

(Source: The Grounds)

If you’re looking for an extraordinary venue, this gem is an absolute treasure. It has a high ceiling, exposed brick walls and polished concrete floors, that is raw yet charming. This particular industrial-vibe place is anything but boring. It’s monumental glass wall covers up to 2 floors and it’s absolutely stunning. Besides, they also have an exclusive bridal and groom parlour, a lounge, a bar, and an enchanting garden area to meet your desired demand. 

4. Glasshouse at Seputeh 

(Source: Glasshouse)

Offering a multifaceted floor plan for couples to customize their own wedding, making Seputeh is by far one of the most sought-after wedding venues in KL. It’s strategic location and  rustic charms have gotten thousands of couples to fall in love with this place. It is a perfect place to host a garden-themes weddingsurrounded by your beautiful family and friendsto witness the beginning of your next chapters. 

5. A-Park Kuala Lumpur 

(Source: A-Park)

Dreaming to reenact the iconic boat scene from The Notebook? Now you can. Kuala Lumpur’s A-Park cottage is a double-storey mansion that overlooks a small lake and a lovely lawn like the traditional Hollywood’s English-styled home you see in movies. With a fiberglass boat by the lake that you can use anytime, this cottage is exactly how you’d describe it as a dreamy house! Even perfect for wedding venue.