Brand-New Beauty Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Writer: Yeu-Gynn

The best thing to look forward to in the new year is what’s trending next.

After all, you never know what’s going to appear on your Instagram feed. Gone are the days of wavy eyebrows, celebrity-lookalike makeup, and eyelash extensions. Instead, here are the brand-spankin’ new beauty trends you can look out for in 2019 including glossy makeup, lilac hair, and the comeback of witch hazel.

1) Lash lifts

Say goodbye to lash extensions and hello to lash lift – a new treatment designed to “lift” your natural lashes from its roots, sometimes for months at a time, depending on the longevity of your lashes. The lash lift business has been picking up pace in Malaysia since the beginning of 2018 and we’re expecting to see many beauty enthusiasts choose this method over the more high-maintenance lash extensions. A lash lift would make you look like you were born with naturally beautiful lashes, and who wouldn’t want that?

2) Glossy makeup

Tired of matte skin, matte lips, matte eyeshadow, and simply matte-everything? Well, you’re in luck because now is your time to shine (literally). 2019 calls for healthy-looking, glowing skin, highlighted with subtle liquid highlight, and full, kissable glossy lips. Everyone’s searching for the fresh, new look, and glossy makeup may just be the answer. Think dewy skin, glossy lips and eyelids dabbed with gloss. Don’t let anything dull your shine, especially in 2019, the year of the Gloss.

3) Bold lips

This pairs perfectly with the glossy makeup trend. Nothing beats a bold lip colour, especially in the year where brands and makeup artists are placing more focus on the “no makeup” makeup look. It’s time to bring out your favourite bold lipstick to contrast with your glowy makeup. It’s an effortless look anyone can recreate that leaves a lasting impression. Red lipstick in particular, is an easy way to pull off this look, but don’t shy away from other bold lip colours too!

4) Lilac hair

Searches for “Lilac hair” on Pinterest has increased by 1077% so it’s time to dye those well-loved locks into this mysterious purple-grey hue. Plus, it helps that “Vanilla lilac” hair has been making its rounds on Instagram. You can always ask your trusted hairstylist for help to get your hair to this gorgeous colour. Most hairstylists would recommend starting with a darker purple before gradually lightening your hair. For babes with bleached hair, you can probably achieve this look by leaving your purple shampoo on for just a little bit longer (but it’s always better to get your hair done by a professional).

5) Liquid exfoliators

Most exfoliators have some form of texture because they’re meant to remove dead skin cells from the surface of our skin. However, brands like Pixi, Cosrx and Glossier have liquid exfoliators for those who don’t want their skin to be affected by textured products. Liquid exfoliators are basically acids, like AHAs and BHAs, which remove dead skin cells whilst brightening your complexion. Why use a face scrub when you can gently exfoliate your face with these?

6) Baby bangs

These cropped bangs would look adorable on any girl! Baby bangs are cropped literally just inches away from where they begin. Think of Audrey Hepburn’s classic bangs, which she rocked for most of her career. Yep, if you get this cut, these bangs will be just (or waaaayyy) above your brows, so you can have on-fleek eyebrows and a cute fringe at the same time. Wouldn’t you want to be extra cute? New hair, new you!

7) Witch hazel

This spot treatment has always been sought after for it’s effectiveness. Antioxidant properties in witch hazel have the ability to reduce acne and improve the appearance of oily skin. Expect the comeback of witch hazel in 2019 – so stock up on your favourite products in case they get sold out during the hype! One of our favourites is the affordable and effective Thayer’s Witch Hazel collection.

8) Minimalist skincare routine

After the craze of doing the most for one’s skin (I’m looking at you, 10-step Korean skincare routine) the people of 2019 are looking to take their rigorous skincare routine down a few notches. It’s all about using less products, with a higher concentration of useful ingredients for better results. Look at the bright side – this trend will result in needing less face products, and more time do to other things.

Which beauty trend are you excited to try? Let us know in the comments below, and tag us in your Instagram photos if you ever try out any of these trends. We’d love to hear from you!