Body Experts Reveal Crucial Break Up Signs To Look Out For

If your current relationship suddenly feels weird (or just really wrong) and you’ve not been touchy-feely with your partner lately, continue reading.

According to body language experts, something may be adrift if there’s a difference in how your partner responds to physical affection. Lisa Mitchell, a body language expert and forensic interviewer says: “The truth is, how we use our space and how we physically position ourselves in relation to our partner can tell a lot about how we are intrinsically feeling about them”.

Here are five non-verbal signs that can depict if your partner or you are unconsciously seeking for a split:

No eye-contact 

When you love someone, you’d gaze into their eyes forever. A study conducted by social psychologist, Zick Rubin found that couples who held eye-contact for longer periods of time are reported to have stronger love connection than those who didn’t. When there’s lack of eye-contact, one should worry about their relationship.

Don’t always smile at each other

Couples who are having issues tend to stop giving a genuine smile to each other. Whether it’s an upturned smile, no smile at all or a grimace. There’s no crinkled eyes, raised cheeks or open mouth and according to Lilian Glass, a behavioral analyst and author of I Know What You’re Thinking: Using the Four Codes of Reading People to Improve Your Life, “A half smile shows ambivalence and a tight-lipped smile shows inner anger and resentment towards you”.

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Face away from each other 

Logically, couples who’ve just had a fight would turn away from each other, whereas couples who are emotionally connected would tilt their heads or lean toward each other to show that they genuinely care about what their partner has to say. What unhappy couples tend to do is to distance themselves by sitting further apart and partake in less face-to-face communications simply because they don’t brighten each other’s day anymore.

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You shudder when you talk to each other 

This gut feeling you have would turn into a shudder when you see or interact with your partner that you dislike. Body language expert and psychotherapist, Paul Hokemeyer said, “This reaction, especially to romantic advances, is primal.” He continued, “It occurs deep within a person’s emotional brain. In relationships that are finished, the partners automatically recoil from each other with a shudder.”

Even your feet point away from each other 
If your feet are pointing inward, it’s a subconscious way to show that you’re attracted to that someone. But when you do the opposite direction, it’s a sign of emotional conflict and distress. Lilian Glass explains, “When their toes no longer point inward ― or in your direction when they are sitting or standing next to you ― it’s a red flag,” she said. “It really is telling whenever the body leans away or there’s too much space between a couple.”

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