BLACKPINK’s Makeup Artist Accused Of Stealing Idea From Instagram Creator

An Instagram MUA goes by the name Nushafarin said that YG Entertainment and Maeng are plagiarizing her makeup ideas—she first uploaded a photo of her own back in February and soon realized that the makeup on Jennie’s teaser image for ‘’How You Like This’’, are the same as hers. 

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The issue came to light after the beauty influencer took to social media to point out the obvious similarities. Based on the photo comparison that was made by, Jennie’s pink flame/blade-shaped eye makeup is the same as Nushafarin’s look. She wrote, “My work was clearly plagiarised. I wish to hold big companies like MUAs (YG Entertainment and Maeng) accountable.” 

She even noted that, even though she did not ‘’fully own’’ the blades and flames makeup look, it was her who first came out with the unique makeup with a flick in the inner and outer corner. Thankfully, many BLINKs have been showing her support and have expressed how disappointed they were that Maeng copied the look without reaching out to the original creator first. Read her full statement below: 

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Hi guys, just wanted to make an official post to address what recently happened. I firstly want to thank those of you who have been so supportive and kind through all of this. This includes BLINK. I’m sorry if I have not been able to reply to everyone’s lovely messages, but I want to take this chance to tell you how much I appreciate all the love and support I have been shown. I have not been able to sort the issue myself and have expressed my concerns in this post. To summarise, my work was clearly plagiarised and I wish to hold big companies and MUAs (@yg_ent_official, @iammaeng) accountable for when they mess up. I wanted to clear this up myself but have not had any luck. I would really appreciate if you continued the support you have been showing me! Lots of love ❤️

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