Billie Razor Wants Women To Grow Their Moustache Just Like Men

It’s the month of Movember – The month where men refuse to shave so they can grow out their beard. But this razor brand wants women to join in Movember too.

Let’s be real, women have moustache too but somehow, this part of women’s body hair isn’t accepted to the typical beauty standards. Here’s where Billie Razor comes in… By reminding ladies that their ‘staches are normal and helping to prevent men’s premature death from testicular and prostate cancer and suicide.

This year’s Movember campaign is all about women keeping their mustaches long and proud, just like the men. In return, Billie Razor will match 100% of the donations made to their team by up to $50,000. Nice!

Although, this isn’t the first time for Billie Razor to break the stereotype cycle. Back in June, the American women’s razor brand became the first razor ad to embrace pubic hair! You can read the full article right here.