Bil Musa Dishes Her Secret To Flawless Complexion — Skip Morning Face Wash

Recently, we had the privilege to interview the beautiful and talented singer-songwriter, Bil Musa, where we challenged her to do a 5-minute makeup challenge and even made her to spill out her beauty secrets.

Full name Nabilah Musa, the 25-year-old musician who is signed to Yuna Room Records, is one of Malaysia’s uprising local artist in the industry. Have you listened to her songs? So dreamyyyyy.

Another dreamy thing about Bil Musa, is her flawless skin. Of course, with a complexion that beautiful, you’d think that she spend hours doing her skincare routine and makeup. However, as it turns out, she only spends about 10 minutes on her makeup. As for her radiant skin? Bil’s secret is to wash her face with only water in the morning!

Honestly, when we first heard of this, we were in shock. We had our doubts, because not only does her skin look good, but its also super fresh like she just got out of a spa. How is that even possible? Aren’t we all supposed to wash our face with a cleanser so our skin will look clean, free of oils, dirt and clogged up pores?

We had to know. So we did a little digging into the science behind this bizarre skincare routine and I have to say, we were not prepared for it.

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Is skipping the morning face wash a legit practice?

As it turns out, it might be good to give your skin a cleansing break, as this will allow your skin to rebuild and create a natural protective moisture barrier that we replicate with moisturisers instead.

You see, without a robust skin barrier, the skin becomes exposed to the harsh environment, pollution, toxins, pathogens and oxidative damage which can then lead to skin ageing, along with acne.

How exactly does this work?

Allows night skin care products to be fully absorbed.

Basically, according to experts, there isn’t any need to wash your face in the morning, especially if you’ve thoroughly cleansed your face the night before because it’ll help your night skincare routine to absorb and work better.

Spa Director at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto, Jill Carlen says that using a cleanser in the morning will strip the good oils and moisture that you’ve spent the night before to infuse into your skin. Hence, to maximize the night moisturiser and serum goodness, skip the facial cleanser. But if your face is really oily, just wipe off the excess oil with a gentle toner using a cotton pad instead.

Moisturising Booster

Besides, using only water to wash your face can provide a natural moisture boost to the skin. This will keep the skin naturally hydrated with its own barrier and it’s also very refreshing.

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Removes sebum off your face

When you wash your face too often, it strips your skin of its oil (sebum) which makes it worse because it dehydrates your skin. This will then force your skin to produce more oil to compensate for the dehydration. Therefore, your skin’s natural oil locks the water inside your skin, keeping it hydrated. But washing it with water will keep the sebum inside your skin without producing too much oil.

Your skin is dirt free when you sleep at night

Unless you’ve slept with your makeup on and skipped your night beauty routine, your skin is actually clean, fresh and ready for skin restoration. So don’t even think of using facial scrub or exfoliator in the morning to avoid from stripping your pH level.

What you should know before trying out this too good to be true routine?

Experts suggest splashing some water (i.e: facial spray) especially before applying moisturisers on the face. This will lock in the dampness that’ll keep your face hydrated and glowing. Hello glass skin!

Also, it is important to note that while this A.M routine might work for some, it might not necessarily work for every skin type. Acne prone skin or complexion that produces excessive oils can actually benefit from a good wash, to prevent your face from looking like a cooking pan.

Now that you know the secret to flawless skin, are you willing to give it a go? We reckon there isn’t any harm in trying since it’ll probably save you some sleeping time for a good extra 15-20 mins. Perhaps, you could try it over the weekend? Let us know in the comments section.

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