5 Tips To Have The Best Slumber Party Ever

Have you ever gotten together with your girls for a sleepover only to end up… sleeping? Like sleeping isn’t the point of a slumber party, but it happens anyway. These are also known as the adult slumber party, the only party where everyone just falls asleep, one after the other.

When we were younger, some of our parents didn’t let us go to sleepovers because you have your own bed here. Now that we’re older, we’re not enjoying sleepovers as much as we used to.

We can only imagine the stress of the parent who had to host our childhood sleepovers. Here’s how you can have a wonderful slumber party with your girlfriends.

1. Sleep during the day

Okay it’s a terribly weird request but if you want to have an awesome sleepover, you’ll need to sleep in during the day, until as close to the time your slumber party begins. That way, you would have harnessed enough energy through sleeping and be super ready to party by night. You’ll still be in your pyjamas but try to get ‘dressed-up’ pyjamas so you can feel fabulous and take sleepover selfies!

2. Make a fort

Avoid lying down in bed and cuddling under the covers because that’s a surefire way to fall asleep. Remember when you used to make a fort as a child and it was so much fun? Build a fort with blankets, pillows and fairylights with your girls and talk until the sun comes up. My friends and I could talk until five AM. Let us know if you can break our best record!

3. Do your skincare routine together

Instead of glamming up together for a night out like you usually do, you can get dressed down together for a lovely night in. Exchange skincare products and wear sheet masks together. Cut some cucumbers and put it on your eyes to make it all the more fun. Some of you may fall asleep so set an alarm for 30 minutes or so. Skincare is scarily relaxing.

4. Prepare some snacks

Any snacks will do! We’d recommend caffeinated drinks to make staying up easier of course. Plus, it’ll give you girls a really fun sugar rush. If you can, bake some cupcakes with extra icing together. The ones who know how to bake can show the ropes to the ones who can’t bake for toffee. It’ll be fun. All these cupcakes are for you girls!

5. Binge watch a TV show

A sleepover is the best time to introduce your besties to your favourite shows. Binge watch addictive comedies like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and That 70s Show. First of all, you’ll laugh your hearts out and you’ll have something to talk about later. Anyway, binge-watching TV shows are a great way to have some snacks and do your skincare routine at the same time.

All right, darlings! Gather your BFFs for another slumber party, because this time ’round, you’ll stay up all night!