This Game-changing Korean Beauty Trend Can Transform Your Skin In Less Than A Minute

If you’re like me and you’re reallllllly not into skincare, yet you lament the fact that you have acne, and do nothing about it – this one trick can work wonders and doesn’t take much effort! It turns out, all you could need to do is something called ‘double-cleansing’. And no, it isn’t as tedious as it sounds. In fact, this one additional step to your routine is the TLC that your skin needs after a long day with makeup on or out and about in the city.

What is double cleansing?

To be honest, it’s as straightforward as its name. This Korean beauty trend is a popular method for taking care of your skin and merely involves you washing your face twice at a time.



Of course, there are ways to do this based on skin type but the basics of double cleansing is to first use an oil-based cleanser and then a water or gel-based cleanser. The logic behind this is to allow the oil-based cleanser to pick up all the oil-based products you’ve used (like makeup and sunscreen) and then to allow the water-based cleanser to clear all the water-based impurities (like sweat). After all, oil and water do not mix and cannot work to remove the other.

What are the benefits of double cleansing?

This combo is meant to clean the skin more thoroughly and helps to…

1. Remove all impurities on your skin

As we go about our day, our skin will pick up bacteria, dust, and grime. This can be from the pollution in the air, exposure to a dusty area and also all the times we end up touching our faces throughout the day. If you have makeup on, this will add to the layer of dirt already clogging your pores. When this happens, you will find your skin breaking out (acne) more often and seeing increased redness and inflammation in the skin. By double cleansing, you are stripping away these layers and leaving only your pores. Once this happens, your second cleanser will have an easier time cleaning your skin itself.


2. Allow your skin to absorb products better

After the first cleanse, your second cleanser can get to work on the sweat and dirt inside your pores. Water-based cleansers work to seep into the pores remove all impurities in your skin. This means your pores are clean and can absorb the products you choose to put on afterwards – be it your toner, serum, moisturiser and so on. In doing so, your products will work better now that they’ve penetrated deeper into the skin. After all, no matter how many products you use, how rave the reviews are or how much you spend on them – they will not be effective if your skin cannot absorb them.



3. Brighten your skin


If you haven’t already heard, your skin works to repair itself at night. That’s why it’s a major no-no to go to sleep with makeup on your face, impeding your skins ability to do its work. However, with double cleansing, you will find your skin brighter the next day. Through double cleansing, you remove all dullness as a result of the grime, dirt and dead skin cell buildup. Also, your skin cells, when allowed to properly regenerate, will be able to leave you with plumper, more youthful skin.



What about all these years of reading that ‘oil-based cleansers are bad for oily skin’ and ‘washing your face too often causes your skin to dry out’?

Only double cleanse at night. While you still need to wash your face in the morning (to wash away the oil and dirt you picked up from your pillow), it is usually at the end of the day that you will need to double cleanse. Using a water-based cleanser in the morning will prepare your skin to absorb your creams and moisturisers so you can avoid dry and irritated skin (especially if your skin is sensitive). Also, avoid rubbing your face too harshly when washing it and afterwards when you want to dry your face (dab; don’t rub!).



A good skincare routine is one that is effective every step of the way.



How do you double cleanse effectively?

With your oil-based cleanser (can be in the form of wipes or micellar water as well), remove all traces of makeup. This may take a few cotton pads or more than a few wipes but make sure you clean your skin (gently) until there are no traces of makeup. Once that’s done and all the grime on the surface of your skin is removed, it’s time to work the dirt out of your pores. Take the time to massage your cleanser in for a minute – yes, no less than 60 seconds – to remove all that you can from your pores (minute traces of makeup, toxins, sweat and more). Afterwards, use lukewarm water to wash it off and continue with your normal skincare routine.



*Cover image credit: Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash