Bella Hadid Wore A Stunning Gown By Farah Khan & Showcased Her Drumming Skills At Kuala Lumpur

Surprise surprise! Supermodel Bella Hadid rocked Malaysians when she flew in to Kuala Lumpur for an event by Tag Heuer at The Gardens Mall. Fans of the stunning brunette were seriously shocked (as were we!) when they saw an insta-story post of Bella Hadid which wrote, “Coming for you Kuala Lumpur, cannot wait to see your beautiful country.”

If you didn’t manage to catch the beautiful Bella Hadid in person, just like how we totally didn’t get the memo, read below to find out what went down — courtesy from the people and local celebrities all over internet, of course. We’re still grateful to be able to see pictures of Bella’s happy face in our home soil. Hellooooo Bella!

Fans went crazy for Bella at The Gardens Mall. I mean, just look at all those lucky faces. She was so nice too to take photos with the fans.

At the Tag Heuer event, Bella looked absolutely gorgeous in a Farah Khan ensemble. She even shared her tip in looking great always…

Our very own talented local models, Shikin Gomez, Alicia Amin and Rubini Sambanthan couldn’t resist getting a picture or two with Bella Hadid.

But the highlight of it all was when our Malaysian celebrities Neelofa, Iman Abdullah and Scha Alyahya, taught Bella Hadid how to savour our local delicacies. Too cute to watch!

From the looks of it, seems like Bella Hadid is enjoying her time her in KL. May this post somehow give you comfort that you can’t be there to see her live. We know, because we feel it too! <3