Bella Hadid Unfollows Selena On Instagram Just 1 Day After Re-Following Her

Bella Hadid, 23, unfollowed Selena Gomez’s Instagram page—just a day after Bella made headlines for following Selena’s Instagram page again! Making this even more awkward is the fact that Selena still follows Bella’s Instagram, something that really shouldn’t be overlooked. 

(Selena still follows Bella)

Of course, the singer initially lost Bella’s ‘follow’ on Jan, 2017, when The Heart Wants What It Wants singer started dating The Weeknd. Bella then went on to unfollow her on-and-off ex as well a few months later, in April of 2017. After both Selena and The Weeknd went their separate ways, in October 2017, Bella and The Weeknd gave their relationship another shot during the spring of 2018, but reportedly split by Aug. 2019. Shortly after, Selena followed both The Weeknd and Bella on Instagram again in Nov. 2019 (everyone was single at that point). 

Ooh, then, the plot thickens. After Selena re-followed Bella on Instagram she offered a truce by commenting “stunning”—along with a heart-eye emoji—underneath the model’s portrait for Dior in Nov. 2019. Bella soon deleted the post, and fans saw this as a snub towards Selena. In reaction to the fan account’s claim, Selena initially reacted by commenting “that sucks.” However, she soon backtracked on her hurt feelings.

“NO. I shouldn’t have spoken without knowing the truth. I’m sorry. Please don’t be hurtful. She [Bella] is a wonderful person and it was all a misunderstanding,” Selena commented underneath an Instagram post from Elle, which summarized the Instagram drama last November. So, as you can see, Bella and Selena have always had a unique online relationship—is The Weekend is to blame? Lol, joke.