Beauty Brands That Pranked Everyone On April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day is just around the corner! It is the day you get to go all out with silly pranks, among other things. If you’re planning to pull some harmless pranks to your girlfriends, perhaps you can get some inspo from these beauty brands.

From beer bath bombs to Tarte’s Icy blue palette (that should have launched for real!), these brands really did fool us.

1. Huda Beauty’s 100% Sand Exfoliating Scrub

Last year, Huda Kattan pranked her fans that she’ll be launching a new body scrub made from pure, unaltered desert sand. Honestly, if Huda said sand can give us smooth skin, we might actually just give her all of our monies!

2. Lush’s Beer Bath Bomb

Did someone say beer bath bomb? Oh yeah! Lush Cosmetics totally fooled everyone with their “latest” invention called Beer Bomb. If only this was real. We could use one after a long, tiring day.

3. Derma(to)logica 

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WE CHANGED OUR NAME!! Since our company was founded 30 years ago, people have been pronouncing "Dermalogica" "Dermatologica". Instead of fighting it, we're embracing it. Swipe for a message from our CEO, Aurelian Lis about why we decided to make the change. APRIL FOOLS😜

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The brand decided to embrace and “change” its name in honour of April Fools’ Day to Dermatologica instead of Dermalogica. Were you guilty of mispronouncing this name too?

4. Benefit Cosmetics Brow Potion No. 9 Brow Perfume

Benefit Cosmetic totally raised the brow game by announcing their new perfume for BROWS, called Brow Potion No.9!  Now you can attract that special someone by spritzing perfume on your eyebrows. The catch? It’s only available on April 1st!

5. Tarte Icy Betch

tarte icy betch

This fake “Icy Betch” palette might have been the absolute best beauty prank ever pulled — until fans of Tarte realised that they really wanted this phony palette more than the recent real palettes of Tarte. Must have been horrible wake up call!