BCL Shares Emotional Video Of First Raya After Husband Ashraf Sinclair’s Passing

As we enter a “new normal”, the question of how to continue celebrating a joyous Raya, like the ones of years passed, while adhering to guidelines put in place for COVID-19 was a big one. However, for some, the idea of celebrating without a loved one, one that you wouldn’t be able to contact via Zoom or a phone call, would be a new, unexpected and heartbreaking challenge. This is a challenge that Indonesian singer, Bunga Citra Lestari had to face this past Raya, as she mourns the loss of her husband, Malaysian actor Ashraf Sinclair.


Towards the end of Raya, or “Lebaran” as it’s known in Indonesia, the ‘Cinta Sejati’ published a video titled, “BCL ‘Dear Love … ‘| Episode 01” on her YouTube channel. The 11-minute video is a beautiful montage of moments for the family, with BCL narrating.



The video starts with the words,


Enjoy the moments that you have. Loving as well as giving love to your loved ones. Because we know, time is very, very valuable.


The video starts with black and white videos of Sinclair from previous celebrations. BCL’s narration over the video gives the impression that she is speaking directly to her late husband, as she starts by saying how it feels like time has flown by so quickly, while “it feels like just yesterday that we celebrated Aidilfitri together”. Noah, their son, also makes an appearance in the first few minutes, where he introduces himself and the people around him. The video continues with moments of them with their friends and family, as well as a behind the scenes look at how they “had a discussion about how to serve the cinnamon rolls” before she says,


Who would have thought that this would be our last Aidilfitri together.”


The video follows the family’s celebrations this year, as they deal with the loss of the beloved son, brother, father, uncle and husband that Sinclair was. Also in the video are BCL’s parents as well as Sinclair’s mother and a few other close relatives. With this, BCL shares her thanks to the people around her for their help and support while everyone is facing trials and tribulations.


It does not lessen the honour of Aidilfitri. We ask to be forgiven and we forgive, and it is through these moments that we realise that despite the trials that have come our way, we are thankful we have each other. ” 


She also thanks his mother, for staying with her and Noah in Indonesia for the past two months, alongside the rest of their loved ones.


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When we have each other, we have everything ❤️.. Eid Mubarak!

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Throughout the video, BCL is seen interacting with Noah as she tries to ease him into their “new normal”. She doesn’t forget to give him kisses, make sure she’s next to him and gives him the attention that he needs, allowing for their moments to be more heartwarming than it is heartbreaking. This is a beautiful testament to how strong the family is.


BCL ends with a message to Sinclair, addressing him as she says,

Dear love, even though your sprit is no longer with us, your soul is always with me and prayer is my way of expressing my love for you. I miss you each and every day.”



On February 18th this year, Ashraf Sinclair – Malaysian actor and TV host, who rose to fame for his role as Eddy in Gol & Gincu – passed away. News of his passing shocked fans and they rallied behind his wife and son. He is survived by his son, 10 year old Noah Sinclair and his loving wife, Bunga Citra Lestari.