Bae Suzy Swears By This “424” Cleansing Regime For Flawless Skin

Korean idols have such flawless skin, but getting to that point of ultimate flawlessness takes some work.

And no-one knows it better than award-winning actress and singer Bae Suzy. Will you believe that the Uncontrollably Fond actress has a 10-minute cleansing routine?

According to All K-Pop, the former girl group member fro, Miss A revealed her intense “424” cleansing routine on the broadcast of Get It Beauty. The broadcast is a South Korean beauty show about the latest products, tips and methods popular in the world of K-beauty.

“When I get older, I won’t have the skin I do now, so I have to take good care of it.” – Bae Suzy

So, how does the 424 cleansing method work? We’ll let you in on this cleansing method that’s quite a workout. Maybe, just maybe, this is our answer to clear AF skin.

1. Cleanse your face with an oil cleanser for 4 minutes

Use an oil-based cleanser and massage your face for a full 4 minutes. The cleansing oil helps to remove impurities, makeup and eliminates dirt from your pores. Meanwhile, the motions from massaging work to tone your facial muscles for a youthful, closer to V-shape look.

2. Use a foam-based cleanser for 2 minutes

After the face massage, use a foam-based cleanser to massage your face for 2 minutes. This is also to get rid of the residue oil left from the oil-based cleanse and to remove any remaining impurities.

3. Rinse for 2 minutes with warm water and 2 minutes with cold water

Finally, the cap off your cleansing regimen by rinsing your face for 2 minutes in warm water. Then, rinse your face for 2 minutes with cold water to tighten your pores and stimulate blood circulation.

Then, Suzy advises to follow up with a toner and moisturiser that suits your skin type, and give the products some time to be absorbed into your skin. Finish off with a spritz of facial mist and say hello to flawless skin (soon!).