4 Extreme M’sian Biker Girls That Are Defying Gender Stereotypes

Feature image by @tinyjenrider and @rajayusrina

When you think of motorcycle riding, you’d probably picture a bunch of tough, aggressive guys zooming around in their monster-sized Harley-Davidson bikes. Or worse, you’d imagine a group of notorious mat rempits. Don’t worry, we don’t condone dangerous riding here. In fact, this extreme sport puts a lot of emphasis on safety and having a proper license.

You wouldn’t think that women are into extreme bike riding, or even mildly passionate about it. Women aren’t just damsels in distress, we can do extreme bike riding just as well as men (or perhaps even better).

Find out more about these daring women here – one of them even rode on the Hilmalayan mountains, a feat many of us wouldn’t dare attempt.

1. Tiny Jen

About as tiny as her name, Tiny Jen is a 152cm lass who has been riding bikes for more than 3 years already. She began by modifying cars, and met a friend who introduced her to extreme motorcycle riding. Needless to say, Jen fell in love with the sport, especially when she found that you could add travelling into the mix.

Her parents aren’t too fond of her hobby. “My parents spotted me in the news once. Now I just tell them I’m off to travel when I go bike riding, just to ease their worries. I’ll only tell them I’ve been riding after I’m done,” she said.

Don’t underestimate this petite girl – her best achievement so far is riding on the Hilmalayas. The path was super narrow but she managed to tough it out. You go girl! It was one of her dreams too.

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2. Raja Susrina

Inspired by her stepdad to pick up motorcycle riding when she was just 15 years young, Raja Susrina is one tough mommy biker. She has organized bike events like “Moto & Gincu” and “The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride” in Penang, Ipoh and JB. Basically, she’s got most of Malaysia covered.

“I’m a mom, of course, so I’d be worried if my daughter picks up this sport, but somehow it runs in our family,” she explained. Her best advice for women bikers-to-be is to be mentally prepared – because the going can get tough. “You may get nervous, fall from your bike, or see bike accidents.” One of her good friends, in fact had died in a bike accident.

Despite this, she adds, “Nothing beats the connection between you and your bike. Just the joy that comes with riding. I can’t really explain it – you’d have to experience it for yourself.”

3. Hazlin Hashim

Despite learning how to ride a motorcycle at 15, extreme bike riding was never in Hazlin’s agenda until after she met her husband. In fact, it was his passion too. In this sport, he is her closest supporter and most ‘irritating’ critique – especially when it comes to safety measures like ensuring putting on all safety riding gears, bike is in good condition and to be mindful of the elements around you whilst riding.

Hazlin’s favourite memory is when she crossed the border to Thailand on her bike after riding more than 2400 km. “To most bikers, this could be an annual affair, but for me, it was an experience to treasure forever that taught me to be an independent biker.” Riding gives this #BikerMom the pleasure of stress relief – and she gets an exciting adrenaline rush when she opens up the throttle a bit more to speed things up.

One thing Hazlin has learned from her biking journey is to stay focused and alert during the entire ride, at least until the next safe stop. “Unlike driving, when you are on four wheels, whilst on the bike, the situation may change drastically in the blink of an eye if you let your guards down,” she explained.

4. Ahirine Ahirudin

Biking has always been part of her life. An off-road biking pro and Malaysian navy reserve, Ahirine started riding kapcais at her village in Malacca when she was just 12 years old. Then, at 19, her first assignment at NSTP was to cover MotoManiac, a platform that provides dirt bike rentals and enduro tours.

Soon, she developed her off-road biking skills at Most Fun Gym – a place that gives classes on dirt bike stunts. “I thought of bungee jumping and paragliding but I’m afraid of heights,” she said, when asked why she chose riding over other extreme sports.

Her fondest memory of her biking journey? “In my very first race, I was the third runner-up among 18 other awesome lady riders!” This girl can do wheelies too! We’re such fans of her!

Thinking of picking up extreme bike riding? You’d look really good there! Just make sure you’ve got a license and all the safety gear sorted out.



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