Bad Breakup? You Need To Spiritually Cleanse Your Room ASAP

Most of us go through breakup rituals to cleanse ourselves off bad jujus from a bad relationship. Remember the Friends episode where Phoebe, Rachel and Monica spent the holidays burning mementos of their past boyfriends. Ring a bell anybody?

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Have you ever thought you were over a relationship, but find yourself crying over the person at night when you’re all alone?⁣ ⁣ How do you know if you’re really over someone and ready to move on?⁣ ⁣ Watch the full video to find out all you need to know about moving on. Title: How Soon Should We Start Dating Again After A Break Up? We Asked A Psychologist | Pillow Talk

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For some, they’d cling onto stuff from previous lovers because of its sentimental values. Psychologist, Serena In from The Mind says, “Does it spark joy? If it’s part of the healing process, that’s totally fine. But it might add up as emotional and psychological baggage.”

Here are five ways you can clear out the energetic traces of your ex from your life. It’s hard but you can do it!

1. Replace the old photos with new ones

woman looking at photo on wall inside room

You can throw the frames or you can replace them with new memories. Hang pictures of what you really want out of life and photos of your loved ones – like that crazy girls-only trip to Thailand!

2. Clear the window space 

woman sitting on black chair in front of glass-panel window with white curtains

According to feng shui, it’s believed that windows represent the way we see our world. A messy, dusty window creates the same kind of attitude and direction towards our life. Clear off that negative energy by decluttering. You need all the help you can get to clear off the bad vibes after the horrible breakup.

3. Sage your home – especially your bedroom (ugh, can we sage the bed too?) 

person holding cup

Sage is often seen in horror movies. There are bad spirits and some woman who sees the dead burns sage to clean the house. Now the theory behind this is that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy. When it clears. it takes the negative energy along.

Again, it’s all about clearing up negative energy left by that douche. Before you begin, set your intention – What do you want? Why? Then smoke your place up with sage!

4. Get rid of your ex mementos 

woman leaning on window

Clothes, memorabilia, basically anything that reminds you of him. While you’re at that, clear out the storage boxes, dust the floor and mop your space clean. After the horrendous breakup, you’ll need a clean slate to start all over again!

5. Decorate your place with greens 

woman in white cami dress with bunch of yellow flowers

Yes, plants fulfill the need to care for someone or something. Spend some TLC on the greens and flowers in your house. Besides that, it also cleans the air in your home. Which is exactly what you need – a breath of fresh air.