Girl Loses 56KG In 9 Months, But Her Boyfriend Couldn’t Handle It

This past few weeks seemed to be filled with alleged cheating scandals from Aliff Aziz and Bella Astillah to Ammar Alfian and Nelissa Nezam. But just when we’ve lost hope, Hariz Haiyyan proves that pure love still exists.

His girlfriend, Nik Siti Nur Hidayah made a huge transformation losing weight from 125kg to 69kg in just nine months by doing the Atkins diet. Woah girl!

There’s just one tiny problem, Hariz likes her just the way she was before as she looked so cute, awww! In an interview with MStar, he said Nik had expressed her desire to be healthy and pretty. But if it was up to him, he didn’t want her to be pressured to lose weight at all.

He added that nowadays, she watches what she eats to maintain her figure and refuses to eat even if he offered her food. However, he says that he’ll support her goals and insists that looks doesn’t matter to him. Can he be any sweeter than this?

Nik really did work hard to achieve her weight goal by going to the gym, jogging and swimming. She even got herself a small sized baju kebaya as a motivation for her to fit in. She sure is on fire!

As for Hariz, he gained weight drastically over the years because Hidayah is super good at cooking. Well you know what they say, it means you’re in a happy relationship and Hidayah totally knows the way to your heart!

What a lucky girl. After 4 years of being together, he still loves her the same. Even Twitter couldn’t handle their cuteness!

And then there’s this … We feel you man! #sabarjelah

Nonetheless, it’s so refreshing to see men who appreciate their lady. Stay cute and in love Hariz and Hidayah! For you ladies who are with someone, don’t be sad if you feel unloved. Sometimes, you may overlook the little things they do for you. Take a step back and recall all the times you’ve taken your partner for granted.