Avoid The Crowd At Travel Fairs With Traveloka’s Extra Fun Deals

OK, so everyone loves travelling. Just the thought of booking a flight and going somewhere far, far away gives us a sense of tranquillity.

But travel fairs? We don’t love them as much. You may get some deals, but for someone who isn’t fond of crowds, travel fairs can be a total nightmare. First of all, you’d have to push through a crowd of people and everyone’s in a rush to get the “best” package, which may not suit you at all.

At a travel fair, you don’t get to take your own time and see which travel package suits you best. Thankfully, Traveloka gives us the chance to avoid crowds and browse fun deals from the comforts of our home.

What is Traveloka?

Traveloka is Southeast Asia’s leading online platform that provides a wide range of travel needs — think flights, hotels, attractions and on-ground transport for travellers worldwide.

You can book your flights, accommodation, activities and airport transfer for your next holiday with Traveloka, all in just a few easy clicks.

An alternative to offline travel fairs

Travelling to Europe is one thing, but do you really want to spend a whole day at a travel fair? You can save your time, energy and money when you choose to plan your holiday with Traveloka. Planning a holiday doesn’t have to feel like hard work any more — in fact, it’s something to look forward to.

You’ll have more time to do your own research on holiday destinations, find the best hotel for you and your travel buddies, and get the most reasonably-priced flight out. Um, can we say blessed? Cheers to skipping the queue and getting the best deals.

Customise your own vacation

Booking with Traveloka isn’t just easy, wanderlusters. You can customise your holiday to your liking too. While travel fairs may offer fixed packages, Traveloka app allows you to customise your own vacation package for a budget that you’re comfortable with.

Browse leisurely for flights, hotels, special attractions and choose all your favourites for a holiday you’ll surely enjoy.

Enjoy flight deals & an additional RM350 off with the Traveloka app

ICYMI, Traveloka is having their yearly SALE-ABRATION! This can only mean one thing —- more deals on your travel needs. 

Just purchase flights to enjoy discounts on hotels, tickets to activities, and airport transfer. You’ll save up to RM350 when you plan your holiday online with the Traveloka app. Book your travels from 26th August to 27th September 2019 to enjoy this privilege!

Well, can’t wait to fly to our chosen destination, soak up the sun, sea and sand, in the perfect hotel of our dreams. Thanks, Traveloka!