Avocado Toast Sneakers & 5 Other Food-Related Shoes

You can’t separate a millennial from their avocado toast. Now millennials can wear their favourite brunch toast as delicious-looking sneakers. Yep! We’re not kidding.

Earlier this week, designer footwear brand Saucony debuted their avocado toast sneakers, unveiling a yummy pair of kicks that looks exactly like your favourite brunch menu. The sneaker’s body is tinted an avocado green, speckled with red specks which appear to be pepper flakes, and the bottoms are toasty brown.

The word “Saucamole” (a play on the word “guacamole,” an avocado-based dipping sauce) is imprinted on the heel. If there’s one thing that’ll never go out of style, it’s a dose of good puns.


Apparently, according to Australian real estate mogul, millennials can’t afford to invest in homes because of their avocado toast obsession. Easy for you to say, when you’re a millionaire. The avocado toast sneakers retail for $130 a pop, which is about RM530. It’s at least more affordable than a house, if I do say so myself. Saucony designs other food-related shoes as well, and other brands have jumped on the trend quite some time ago. See if you can spot your favourite food on the next few pair of sneakers.

1. Adidas pizza-inspired shoes

Oh no she didn’t! Now you can have your pizza and eat it too, while running. Adidas released pizza-inspired ultraboost kicks that seriously look like the crusty pie. You’ll be walking in pizza heaven! The sneakers are painted in different shades of yellow, white and red to represent cheese, pepperoni, pizza sauce. You’ll need some serious swag to pull these shoes off. These kicks deserve all the applause in the world because they’ve got such a realistic appearance!

2. Vans cupcake sneakers

If you’re a fan of the sugar rush, it’s your time to shine! Vans has a pair of sneakers decorated in cute cupcakes. These are certainly a must have for lovers of all things cute, but it certainly won’t help your late night cupcake cravings. They’re easier to pull off than most food-related shoes, so if you’re terrified of potentially looking like a dessert, you’ll be better off with these cupcake sneakers.

3. Converse Campbell Soup shoes

Can you feel the cravings for a warm bowl of Campbell soup already? PS: Only moms can make these extra delicious. Converse has paid tribute to everyone’s childhood comfort food. The brand decorated their iconic sneakers with Andy Warhol’s artwork of Campbell’s soup cans. The sneakers have a touch of vintage flair, so you’ll be glad to know that you can finally walk in a can of soup without getting cooked.

4. Auntie Anne’s pretzel shoes

Did you know that Auntie Anne has her own pretzel fashion line? Pretzel enthusiasts will love Auntie Anne’s pretzel-themed sneakers. The pretzel-themed sneakers debuted on National Pretzel Day in 2018 – 23rd of April, FYI. The sneakers have a white canvas painted with graphics in delicious pretzel-yellow and Auntie Anne’s iconic blue. If you ever manage to slip your feet into these, you deserve to celebrate with a snack. Pretzels, maybe?

5. Nike Krispy Kreme basketball shoes

Fans of the doughnut chain would go all googly-eyed for this sweet pair of kicks. The designers at Nike took inspiration from Krispy Kreme’s signature box and turned it into a pair of delightful basketball shoes. You never know what you can do when inspiration strikes at the right time. You can play basketball and have your doughnut too, without worrying about the extra calories. These shoes simply brings us back in time to our very first visit to Krispy Kreme. My personal favourite is the classic sugar-glazed doughnut.

Life is so much cooler when you have yummy-looking kicks! Would you wear these food-inspired shoes? Share your looks with us when you do!