Aside From Talking To Yourself, Smelling Scented Candles Can Make You Lose Weight

The classic way for you to lose weight is to exercise and eat healthy. But with so many cheat-diet plans out there to lose weight, you may not need to do a 10KM marathon to lose weight. There’s the keto-diet, intermittent fasting and many more. In fact, the little things you do on a daily basis can also help you shed a few pounds.

1. Light a vanilla candle after dinner

We’re all suckers for scented candles. It’s the best way to relieve yourself after a stressful day! But here’s what you didn’t know scented candles can do, help you to lose weight. The Reader’s Digest reported that lighting a vanilla candle after dinner will make you not crave for desserts.

Alternatively, you can opt to wear a vanilla patch or use vanilla essential oil instead. In the 2010 study led by Catherine Collins, Chief Dietitian at St. George’s Hospital in London found that groups who wore vanilla patch lost more weight as compared to those wearing lemon, placebo and without a patch too. Now you have reason to spend on scented candles!

2. Crying your heart out 

The AsiaOne reported that a recent study showed that emotional crying can make one to lose weight! This is because crying is linked to hormones that heightens the cortisol level. The cortisol levels are only released when you’ve bottled up emotions. On top of that, it’s found that crying between 7pm to 10pm is the best to maximise the effect of losing weight. Looks like we’ll be swapping our workout sesh for tears!

3. Talking to yourself on being slim 

We pep talk ourselves all the time! Well, why not talk to ourselves on losing weight. Studies have shown that what you say to yourself really can make a difference. According to Hypnotherapist John Richardson, he says what you say to yourself  may help you sabotage your bad behaviours. For instance, if you’re about to eat a slice of cake out of boredom just tell yourself out loud, “I’m really full, but I’m going to eat this anyway.” You may end up talking yourself out of the unhealthy snacking after all.