Met Gala 2019: Crazy Beautiful Asians Serving A+ Looks

“Camp” (Met Gala 2019 theme) basically means to be the extravagant version of yourself you’ve always dreamed of, and the star-studded outfits we saw earlier today certainly proved that these celebs know how to dress up!

However, has anyone noticed their makeup? The looks are to die for! What wouldn’t beauty enthusiasts give to go to the gala for some beauty inspo at this very moment?

Defining “campy beauty” isn’t exactly easy but our favourite Asian stars managed to pull it off thanks to their awesome makeup artists and lots of creativity. Check them out and hopefully, you’ll be inspired for tomorrow’s makeup look.

1. Gemma Chan

Gemma graces every red carpet event like a queen, and Met Gala would be no exception. The actress’ eyelids are softly dusted with Tom Ford’s Cocoa Mirage Eye Quad, which retails for RM360 a pop. She manages to carry off a classic ice-sculpture like headpiece with such grace, we doubt that anyone else could do it better.

Source: Getty Images

2. Liu Wen

Chinese supermodel Liu Wen does not disappoint at the Met Gala. She goes for classic red lips, bold eyebrows, subtle highlights and slick-backed hair as an ode to this year’s gala theme.

Source: Getty Images

3. Constance Wu

The Crazy Rich Asians star secured a simple silver headpiece in her hair, styled in Hollywood waves. Her vampy lips and smoky eyes screamed “fierce” and that’s all you need to hear from everyone’s favourite Asian mom.

Source: Getty Images

4. Priyanka Chopra

White eyeliner will surely trend after this week as Priyanka accents her lower lids with the product while magenta eyeshadow frames her eyes. The Bollywood actress’ curly hair is decorated with an effervescent headpiece, which shows us she’s the true queen of Met Gala 2019.

Source: Getty Images

5. Wendy Yu

The first ever Asian contributor to Vogue went with a simple, soft Korean-inspired makeup look, with just a little bit of flair at the lashes. The philanthropist and patron of arts also enthusiastically shared some pre-Met Gala beauty products in her Instagram stories earlier, most of which are from Chanel. Gurl.

Source: @wendyyu_official & Getty Images

6. Awkwafina

Her hair may have been pulled into a simple side bun but this rapper really knows how to make the beauty beat drop. Her eyelids were dusted gold and embellished with crystals, so much like her bubbly personality!

Source: Getty Images

7. Deepika Padukone

The Bollywood queen isn’t one to shy away from attention and this vampy Barbie look is exactly what she needs to stand out from the shimmers. Deepika pairs indigo eyeshadow with berry lips and holds her hair way up. We stan a gorgeous queen!

Source: Getty Images

Bonus mention: Henry Golding

This isn’t beauty-related but Malaysia’s hunkiest sweetheart wore the most sparkly purple suit by Versace, which, let’s be honest, deserves an article on its own. It’s such a beauty, we believe even Eleanor would nod with approval.

Source: Getty Images