Exes Coming Back Into Your Life? Gee Thanks, Mercury

Have your exes started coming back into your life lately?

Maybe you bumped into one while you were on a date, and another while grocery shopping. And of course, they asked to catch up. How can a girl refuse that from someone she used to love?

Geez. We haven’t talked for months – what is happening in the world?

Well, you can blame the Mercury retrograde for sending your ex-lovers back into your life, among other odd things that have been happening lately.

What is the Mercury retrograde?

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On the 7th of July, Mercury began to move in retrograde, that is to say, it moves in the opposite direction to planet Earth. Hence, astrology-wise, everything is moving in reverse and we may feel a strange longing for the past. Mercury rules our emotions and has a profound effect on our perceptions.

How does the retrograde affect our lives?

Well, besides letting our exes into our lives again, the retrograde also affects our sleep patterns, and some of us may experience insomnia. If you’ve been tossing and turning at night thinking about the woes of life, you can thank Mercury. Some people may drift off to sleep but experience horrible nightmares after.

According to astrologer Greg Summers:

“As Mercury’s orbit of the sun is the shortest, it innately channels those relationships closest to us,”

Dreaming about your ex

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You may have dreamed about your ex too, perhaps more than once, and it’s not a coincidence that you bumped into this person a few days ago. In ancient days, dreams were considered prophetic and filled with meaning. But instead of meeting your ex for a booty call, you know what to NOT do. It’s not destiny, it’s Mercury.

The retrograde happens four times a year, and the next one will begin on October 31st and last ’til November 20th. We will survive this!