How To Identify If You’re The Toxic One In Your Relationship

Do you find that your romantic relationships have always been difficult? A recurring pattern of bad relationships may mean something else besides being with the ‘wrong’ person. You may be the problem.

Sometimes, we can be toxic people without knowing it, and honestly, it can be fixed with a lot of patience and practice.

If you’ve avoided self-reflection before, now is the best time to do it. Find out if you have these toxic traits and work towards healing your relationship.

1. You place the blame on your partner all the time

No matter what happens, you always blame your partner, like it’s their fault if things don’t turn out right. Instead of placing the blame on your partner, have a calm discussion together about the issues that you have. Listen to your partner and then express your views. Search for the solution to the problem together, so nobody takes the blame. Plus, it helps you grow as a partner.

2. You always want things to go your way

It’s nice to have things go your way – but you can’t have it your way all the time. You need to be considerate of your partner’s needs too. If you find that you need to manipulate your partner to get your way, check yourself immediately. If you and your partner are disagreeing on something, find something else that you can both agree on, so neither one loses out. It’s only to have things go the way you both want.

3. You don’t respect their privacy

If you keep checking up on your partner to ask where they are, or about their social media passwords, you have a problem. Everyone needs their space and privacy, and as a partner, you need to respect that. If you feel insecure about your partner’s social media accounts or whereabouts, you need to communicate it calmly and clearly to your partner. If your partner hasn’t done anything to break your trust, you probably have nothing to worry about.

4. You’re unkind to your partner

Kindness to love is like water to flowers. If you’re unkind to your partner, how will love grow? Unkindness isn’t necessarily meanness, it can be the little things like not prioritizing your partner and not complimenting your partner. To fix this, you can start by doing just ONE kind thing for your partner every day. Just one. Increase it to two or three in the weeks to come. Sooner, this kindness will become a habit and love will grow.

5. You flirt with others

Flirting with others is a big no-no. If you’re a flirty kinda person, you need to stop, consciously and immediately. It’s not fun or humorous – it hurts your partner, deeply and emotionally. You don’t need validation from other people when you’ve already got all the attention in the world from your partner.