Are You #TeamPeterKavinsky Or #TeamAmbroseMcClaren?

Two years ago, the world went crazy over Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky’s love story. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before released by Netflix on August 17, 2018, centered around high school junior, Lara, who writes letters to each one of the boys she feels an intense passion for. The letters were then discovered by her little sister who proceeded to mailed them all without Lara’s knowledge.

(Source: Netflix)

To cut short, one of the recipients, Peter Kavinsky, decided it would be a great idea to do this some sort of a ‘’fake date’’ scenario just to make his ex-girlfriend, who also happened to be Lara #1 rival, jealous. After facing multiple conflicts, they both eventually ended up together—you know, the usual happy-ending-romantic-movie. 

Enter 2020, however, the sequel continues and the plot thickens. Remember all those letters? This time around, another recipient allegedly goes by the name John Ambrose McClaren came to visit Lara after he received the letter, to confess about his true feelings as well. Oh, interesting! 

Watch as Lara Jean balances the new chapters of her relationship and figuring out her authentic self in the new, To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You premiere February 12, 2020 on Netflix. Now let’s face the real question: Can a girl be in love with two boys at once?