Are You Sabotaging Your Own Love Life?

First dates are such a dream and getting to know someone new can be fun until…

You find that you’re always going on the first date. Or a first few dates, but your relationship can’t progress any further despite how many people you’ve gone on first dates with.

So, are you sabotaging your own love life? Maybe you can’t get past the first few dates because of yourself!

You have an ‘impossible’ checklist

It’s not wrong to have high standards but you may have a problem if you constantly write people off due to insignificant issues – like not meeting your ‘perfect’ checklist. He could be financially stable, well-mannered but not have a beard, and that makes you write him off. Consider his good qualities for a moment and give him a second chance.

You expect to have an immediate spark

Maybe you have expectations about this guy, but don’t worry if the fireworks aren’t happening immediately, or if it’s not ‘love at first sight.’ Some people need to get to know each other better before they ‘click’ and maybe you both happen to be those people. And sometimes, sparks fly when you’re in your most intimate moments, which is definitely not during the first date.

You don’t know what you want

Oops! That probably hurt but you may not know what you want in a guy or a relationship. Maybe you’re just looking for a partner because everyone around you is either dating or getting married, which shouldn’t be why you’re looking for love in the first place. Look for love because you want to, and not because everyone around you has goo-goo eyes.

You stalk them on social media before the first date

It’s tempting to know more about your date, and with social media info right at our fingertips, what’s stopping us from stalking them before the first date? Besides the fact that it’s just plain creepy, consider how you would feel if your date is doing the same to you. Not only does social media stalking cause us to make unwarranted assumptions, but you may also get caught out by your date too!