Are You Guilty Of Humble Bragging? Look Out For These Warning Signs

“I can’t believe they carded me at the bar – I look too young!”

Yep, we all have that one friend who humble brags way too much. But what if you are that friend?

Humble bragging is a specific type of complaint that is sneakily a boast or a pat on the back for the offender’s achievements.

It’s pretty hard to tell the difference between humble bragging, actually being humble and actually bragging if you don’t look out for these signs. So here are some warning signs and scenarios you should know before your next humble brag.

1. You sound like you’re complaining, but you’re actually really boasting

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“Oh I can’t believe I didn’t get into Oxford, now I’ll have to settle for Cambridge.”

The reason why people humble brag is because they don’t want to appear full of themselves, but unfortunately, in the case of humble bragging, the opposite becomes true. Basically, if you’re starting to tell others about your achievement and compare it with something that you should have got, stop right there.

2. In a conversation, you’re not answering the question

OK, this sounds a bit complicated but basically, it goes like this.

Friend: “Can you come to my event on Friday?”

You: “I’ll be on vacation at the Maldives.”

When you’re in a conversation or a friend asks you something, you’re not answering the question. Instead, you’re telling your friend about your future, probably ~ better ~ plans, which they didn’t ask about. Answer the question first, and then follow up with the reason if it’s necessary.

3. When you disguise your privilege as a curse

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“It’s hard having so many followers, I get so many notifications all the time.”

OK, so maybe having nice things and being privileged doesn’t always equate a nice life, but if you already have a nice life, you don’t need to rub it in. For example, “I just got 10,000 followers. Thank you!” would be a much better statement. Being thankful would be a much better way of celebrating your success than pretending to be humble about it.

There is a fine line between celebrating your success and bragging – so if you want to brag about your success, just do it and avoid the humble part. Own your success and be sincere about it.