Are You Depressed If You Cry Easily?

Have you ever been called out for being too emotional for crying too much? Or perhaps you’re depressed? Honestly, there’s nothing to be ashamed of and there’s nothing wrong with you. In fact people who cry easily or aren’t afraid to express sadness, are mentally healthier than those keeping it all in.

1. You’re not afraid of your emotions 

Crying is often associated with weakness, but it isn’t. It’s just a sign that you’re human and have feelings. For instance, if there’s something funny, you laugh, or when you’re happy, you smile. You wouldn’t hide any of that emotion right?

2. They understand the healing properties of tearing up 

The healing properties of tears aren’t just sad tears but happy tears too! Your tear duct releases stress, anxiety, grief and frustration from your body and brain. It’s also way of soul cleansing when you need to drain out all the negativity. Science also says crying is good as tears release toxins, improves vision and can kill 90-95% of bacteria in just 10 minutes!

3. Don’t care about gender roles and societal expectation

You know how they stereotype genders. If she cries, it’s okay because she’s a “girl”. But if he cries, he’s not “manly” enough. While we can’t satisfy everyone’s opinion, those who do wear their emotions on their sleeve are brave. Who cares what anyone else think as long as you’re happy!

Crying is good for the soul. Suppressing extreme emotions can be dangerous both physically and mentally. If you’re dealing with something deeper, talk to someone.  Even if the world shuts you out, there will always be a place that can help you such as Befrienders Malaysia and Talian Nur.