Are Women Really Terrible Drivers?

“Must be a lady driver!”

We often hear this phrase uttered by both men and women when they’re on the road, perhaps after an unpleasant incident with another driver.

But are women really bad drivers?

Last week, we took to Instagram to ask what girls do in the car, even if they’re not supposed to do it while driving.

Here are some of the responses:

Data from a research done in the U.S. last year found that there were no difference between the driving skills of novice men and women drivers. However, the same study found that women had less self-confidence on the road than men, but it did not impact their driving skills. Perhaps the lack of confidence gives both men and women the perception that women are terrible drivers.

Meanwhile, another study discovered that women tend to be safer drivers than men. Hence why women have been paying less for motor insurance premiums since the dawn of time. Yes, women do take longer to arrive at their destinations, but they’re safer while driving. They also tend to not take risks while on the road. Meanwhile, men exhibit habits of risk-taking while driving. Perhaps their higher sense of confidence on the road causes them to take risks without thinking much about it.

Whether you eat, wear makeup, or send voice-notes while driving, keep in mind that your eyes must be on the road at all times. After all, we only have 24 hours in a day so there’s nothing wrong with applying some makeup at a stoplight… unless of course, you forget to see when the light turns green and you get honked by an angry driver at the back. Sorry!

We can’t decide yet if women are better drivers than men; driving skills depend on the individual, regardless of gender. If you’re a bad driver, you’re just a bad driver. However, we can certainly say that women are safer drivers.

Ladies, stay safe on the road and remember to look out for each other!