Are We Exposing Kids To Insecurities With Makeup?

When we were young, we used to admire the way our moms apply makeup on their faces — in which we would secretly play with their beauty products when no one’s looking.

Our cheeks would be as pink as a doll and lips as thick as Kylie Jenner’s. Oh yeah, we couldn’t wait to have our very own makeup kit!

However, kids back in those days aren’t like children nowadays. Seriously, some of them can even slay any makeup look better than you. Have you seen Desmond Is Amazing‘s Instagram feed? That talented kid is just 10 years old!

But in all seriousness, should kids actually be allowed to wear makeup?

This debate has long been argued among parents who feel strongly that kids should not and those who are totally okay. Take Kim Kardashian for example. She received some heat from the social media over a photo that showcased North West wearing a red lipstick. A comment stated, “Your daughter is how old? Why is she wearing lipstick? Sad.”

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Let’s look at the physical aspects of it

Children’s skin are very soft and sensitive unlike ours, where applying these chemical based makeup could damage their virgin skin. According to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre’s environmental health physician and toxicologist Associate Professor Dr Mohd Hasni Ja’afar, children have a higher a metabolism hence allowing their bodies to absorb almost 100% of the chemicals applied on them.

“Children have a 10 to 20 per cent higher absorption rate compared with adults due to their high metabolism. Unfortunately, their bodies cannot differentiate between good and bad chemicals. All they can do is to absorb whatever is being applied on their bodies… and more worryingly, the effects will become evident in the future.”

Even using makeup specifically formulated for kids can be harmful! There was case of a toddler in Georgetown, Illinois who was hospitalised after experiencing an allergic reaction to a play-makeup palette designed for children.

I'm making this post because I feel like it is very important to remind parents to be very careful about what we allow…

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Kids could grow up to be insecure with how they look! 

With all the contouring, highlighting and layering of concealers along with foundation, most people would use these as blanket of securities to hide unwanted “blemishes”. But when we apply them on kids, will they grow up to be dependent on makeup? Will they still feel pretty without it?

Even as adults, we often find faults on our faces and have the need to wear a lipstick or an eyeliner before leaving the house. So.. what about the young ones whose bodies and minds are still developing?

A survey conducted in 2012 among 572 young girls between the age of 8-18 years old found that, at least one in five young girls have negative feelings when they don’t wear makeup. It showed 20% of girls who have ever worn makeup have negative feelings when they are not wearing makeup. Of the results, 20% felt conscious, 17% unattractive, 15% felt naked as though something is missing. Only 5% said going without makeup made them feel more attractive.

However, there’s really no right or wrong when it comes to this issue. After all, we know what it’s like to want to wear makeup when we were young. Some may agree that it’s alright to wear lipstick as young as 3 years old but some may not. Thus, if you do allow your child to wear makeup at a young age, just remember to:

  • Ensure that they’re not allergic to the cosmetic products.
  • Less is more. Go slow on the amount of products used.
  • Educate them on a good skin care regimen. Having a good skin beats #makeuponpoint any day!
  • Most importantly, instill in their minds that beauty comes from within.