We Asked Our Single Coworkers To Share Their VDay Survival Tips

Valentine’s Day can be amazing for some, especially couples who can’t seem to get their hands off each other.

But for the singles out there, Valentine’s Day can be a heart-aching 24-hour event. Seriously, you can’t even go out to celebrate without spending a bomb, because everything is priced double or triple than usual! Plus, restaurants and bars will usually be fully packed anyway. So why bother?

Although some may just say that it’s another day, there are still some awesome things you can do to shower yourself with love. Soothe your bitter, black heart this Valentine’s Day with survival tips from these single AF Malaysians:

1. For those of you who are all up for pleasuring thyself

Fulfill your own needs by getting to know your own body. After all, masturbation is actually good for you! It helps you sleep better, release stress and even ease menstrual pains.


2. Get wasted and swipe at that cutie 

Who says you gotta’ stay at home and not party the night? There’ll be plenty of other single people on the dance floor for you to oogle!

3. It’s also a good time to catch up on sleep 

Let’s not forget, it’s still a working day here in Malaysia. You’ll be too tired to go out and traffic will be super congested. Better to just Netflix and sleep.


4. Make money! 

Then there are the smart ones who knows how to take advantage of the love season. Sell flowers and heart cookies at a very ridiculous price because hey, you gotta’ spoil your partner this Valentine’s Day.


5. Pets are all you need

You know what they say, pets are better than humans. They’ll love you unconditionally too!

6. Throw a ‘wild’ party

Or you can just order different types of pizzas and call all your single friends for a party.

7. Love yourself 

Since you don’t have a partner to pamper you, why wait? Just go ahead and spoil yourself. This is the 21st century, you don’t need to depend on a partner to do things.

8. Most importantly, stay strong! 

You’ll find the one soon. Maybe not now, but who knows, in the next few days, weeks or even years. Till the right one comes along, hang in there and don’t drown!

Need help in the ‘Friends with Benefits’ department, sex and masturbation? Listen to Likely’s very own podcast, Off Limits, where Nadee and Grace share their funny, weird, personal experiences.