Did Micro Influencers Buy Used IG Accounts?

Back then, your parents would’ve probably smacked you if you ever expressed interest in becoming an influencer. But with the rise of technology, social media influencers are currently one the biggest mediums used by companies to promote their brands in the digital world.

To be a famous internet celebrity, you’ll first need to have tons of followers on your social account. While not all of us has that spark to be followed by “fans” from all over the world, you do have the option to purchase said followers.

Our team was having a conversation on influencers and suddenly we stumbled upon random Instagram accounts with huge number of followers and get this — they were all up for sale. We’re SHOOK.

We saw these ads on how to increase your social media followers everywhere. Then, we discovered this influencer-friendly website called Instafamouza, where you can purchase followers for as low as RM39!

Then there’s FameSwap where you can buy Instagram accounts that already has a huge number of following.

Basically, you’re FAMOUS – until Instagram decides to PURGE! You know.. those yearly clean-up process that Instagram is known for (which will usually freak some social media influencers out). So yes, while you can buy tons of followers and likes, it’s actually harmful to you as a brand.

No engagements

When you buy these fake followers, which could possibly be Instagram bots, there won’t be any engagement to your posts. The best engagement you could ever hope for from these accounts are automated “nice post” comments. As a brand, you want loyal followers who would support and participate in your posts. Plus, companies who pays for reviews would prioritise more on engagements rather than fake followers.

The purge 

Not only does Instagram actively discourage people from purchasing fake followers, it is absolutely against Instagram’s terms of service. In order to give members an enjoyable user experience, they do purges to eradicate false accounts. Even though the price to purchase these followers may not be that much, you’ll still feel the sting if these accounts disappear soon after buying them.

You won’t be making money 

Ultimately, you need to ask yourself why do you need to buy followers? If you want to market yourself as an influencer, brands will choose to not work or invest  with you. Don’t think you can get away with it too because there are plenty of tools and platforms that can do a thorough check on your account. On top of that, if you’re selling products on your site, none of these fake bots will purchase your items.