Always Bloated During Your Period? Stay Away From These Foods

Let’s be real, having period is tough. You experience the most unbalance mood swings, painful cramps and you’re awfully bloated. Now while you’re tempted to reach for a bag of chips or drive-thru your favourite fast-food restaurant to make yourself feel better, those comfort food can actually make things worse.

Your body is losing a lot of blood during menstruation and it needs the right nutrients to regain its strength. If you want to go through this period comfortably, you probably should stay away from these foods and drinks.

1. Dairy products 

Close-Up Photo of Almonds Near Milk

HuffPost reported that dairy is probably one of the reasons that trigger menstrual cramps. Dairy products contain arachidonic acids which are actually cramp-inducing, yikes! Instead, swap your dairy intake with oat, almond or soy milk.

2. Food that makes you bloated and gassy

Basically soda drinks and salty, sinful snacks, including frozen dinners, fast food, canned soups and bacon. The hormone that is responsible for menstruation cause water retention which then causes bloatedness. So put down that bacon before you release that gas elsewhere!

3. Refined grains 

rice with toppings

According to Healthline, refined grains such as white rice, white flour and white bread can contribute to bloating. It doesn’t do any good either since there aren’t many nutrients left from the grain because it’s been processed.

4. Food in high fats 

person slicing a meat on brown wooden board

Red meat is an excellent source of iron but consuming fatty meats can make you feel horrible during menstruation. It leads to cramping, bloating and acne. Not only that, according to an article by Livestrong, foods with high fat can influence our hormones. Best to just leave those fatty cuts of beef, whole-milk dairy products and burgers alone for another day!

5. Caffeinated drinks 

woman facing laptop while holding disposable cup

Clue, a period tracking app explained that caffeinated beverages are could lead to a more intense PMS. You already feel tired and irritable during this time and drinking a cup of coffee may just increase blood pressure, heart rate along with with anxiety and tension. You don’t need it at this point!