All The Kaw-Kaw Things Every M’sian Love

As Malaysians, we love our things to be kaw-kaw! This typical Malaysian term, “kaw” simply means, extra, thick or strong. It can be used for anything that we want to be extreme (very), be it in flavours or actions.

Here are all the “kaw-kaw” things that Malaysians love!

1. Coffee Kaw 

Nothing beats a cup of good ol’ coffee. We can have it any time of the day from breakfast to supper. But it’s even better when order it at the ‘mamak’ – kopi o’ kaw kaw! (Translation – thicker coffee for that extra kick)

2. Spicy kaw-kaw 

Another thing that Malaysians love, spicy food. Extra chili in our ‘maggi goreng’ and ‘mee goreng’ please, to make our sweat drip!

3. Kaw-kaw clear skin 

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Time to up your skincare game – before you head out to run your errands, put a face mask on and don’t give a sh*t about what anyone else would think 💅🏼⁣ ⁣ Thank you for being a living legend and the ultimate skincare inspo, @cher 👑 ⁣

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What a girl wants more than a diamond ring? Kaw-kaw smooth, flawless skin without any zits, scars or discolouration on our face!

4. Shopping kaw-kaw 

But that’s what our salary is for… right? We work hard, it’s only fair that we get to spend just a little on ourselves too.

5. Kaw-kaw discounts

Speaking of shopping, it’s best done when it’s on sale! Now you’d want to clear your dates this weekend for Kaw-Kaw Day by Superdeals.

There’ll be more than 20 vendors at the event so you’ll get to see all kinds of products there – ranging from food & beverages, health & beauty and fashion. Not only that, celebrity chef, Zeniq Chiam will ne there as well for a cooking demonstration!
⁣⁣Here are the deets : – 

Date: 12th October⁣
Time: 10am – 10pm⁣
Venue: MyTown, Cheras⁣

See you there!