All The Best Festival Fashion Looks From Urbanscapes 2018

In between grooving to the dreamy tunes of Zee Avi and Alvvays at Urbanscapes’ Unlimited Grooves Festival Pre-Party last night (Thursday, 8 November), we had the chance to go around the venue where we spotted various music lovers who rocked interesting festival outfits at the event.

Although it was on a working night, we were impressed that these fashionistas still took time to put in some effort to look good — and we have to say, all of them totally slayed in their outfits! Kudos, ladies.

With that, let’s have a look at the cool festival styles below, and perhaps, find one that you could steal for your next #OOTD inspiration:

1. @Aanatileeyanaa

Go clean and minimal by pairing shorts and tube top with a cute fanny pack, so you don’t have to worry about carrying so many stuff on your hands.

2. @Nalisa A. Amin

We might be biased, but Nalisa looks great in anything! Could it be her hair? You know what they say.. good hair is the best accessory for a girl to have.

3. @Lyssakills

Chequered pants and floral top? So much YES.

4. @Luna.dira

Fancy a lil’ Parisian look? Simply grab a beret, pair it with your most chic LBD — and voila, you’re done.

5. Lizziezany

Damn, look at that top. We need it pronto! It’s so cute and funky, especially when paired with the matching purple coloured velvet-y hat.

6. @OhZooey

Zooey never fails to impress. Looking tres chic in mesh top and printed green skirt here, girl!

7. @Morieaa

When in doubt, pick up a scarf and pair it with a dress. This way, you’ll look cool without even trying.

8. @Fxrahamelia

9. @Aidaaaasalleh

This oversized white top is giving us Japan feels. So cute!

10. Sofeasabrinaa


There are a lot of prints layered on top of each other here, but the whole ensemble doesn’t look busy nor messy.

11. @Sarahshahazz

If you have flat tummy, flaunt it! A crop top or cropped bomber could never go wrong.

12. @taroduck_qing

Perks of being tall? Wearing high-waisted pants will make you look like you have legs for days.

13. @lelesshii & @leewt.mp4

Find yourself a sporting boyfriend who doesn’t mind playing matchy-matchy with you, cause this couple looks so cool without doing too much.

14. @erinmedulla

Another French fashion style that you could get inspired by. Invest in an overall dress, pair it with any top of your choice and top the whole ensemble with a beret.