Bhad Bhabie: “Malaysian Food Is Too Sweet”

In case you blinked and missed it, Danielle Bregoli — aka “Bhad Bhabie” of Dr. Phil fame — was here in Malaysia.

The 15-year-old rose to fame with her iconic “cash me outside” phrase, which garnered a lot of attention worldwide. As a result, she became an instant meme and gained both fans as well as haters in the process. But hey, we have to give her props, because she certainly knows how to bring the money in and quick.

“I’m a very aggressive person so at first, I wondered why everyone was looking at me. Who are you? Like, do you wanna fight? I didn’t know what was happening and my friend had to tell me: Danielle, I think you’re famous or something,” she remarked. “Then they started saying that thing [Cash Me Outside], and I was like, who said that? I didn’t even remember. It was just a random word.”

Her thoughts on Malaysia

So last week, Bhad Bhabie (pronounced as Bad Baby) paid a visit to Kuala Lumpur for the 2nd edition of Wired Music Week. Her showcase was hosted at Kyo KL on Sunday (10 March), in which she filmed an upcoming project for MTV Yo! Raps with local rapper Zamaera during the event.

When asked about Malaysia, she made a rather funny comment on our food:

“I understand that y’all like everything to be sweet. I’m not really used to that. I ordered soup and it tasted like a pound of sugar”.

“I was like, NO THANK YOU and made my manager get me McDonald’s.”

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Fronting an affordable beauty label, CopyCat Beauty

Malaysian food aside, did you know that the yung rapper is set to become the next Kylie Jenner with her own makeup and beauty products? Yes, Danielle Bregoli is only 15, but apparently, she has signed a $900,000 (RM3.6 million) endorsement deal with CopyCat Beauty. A million dollar contract at 15! Now that’s what’s up.

The beauty brand produces spoofs of your favorite expensive products, offering a cheaper alternatives to some of the world’s biggest brands. According to the website, the goodies which range from $4 – $19 are “Jeffree Star-approved”. So they’re definitely worth a try.

“One day my manager asked, ‘Yo Danielle, you into makeup?’ And that’s how I got the deal.”

What’s more, this comes months after she landed her own Snapchat series with 12 episodes which will focus on her personal life and career.

“I feel very happy. I just realised that people are gonna say what they want regardless. The least I could do is try to show y’all.”

“People still call me all types of names — I’m only famous because of this and that. But most of the world has realised that I’m not the problem. Point is, there’s always gonna be ignorant people who are gonna hate. It is what it is. [But] I try.”

On her porcelain veneers

Danielle explained that she has experienced a similar reaction when she got her porcelain veneers installed.

“When I first got my teeth done, people were so so so mean.”

“But wait, let’s pause real fast. Y’all were giving me the most shit about my fucked up teeth. Now that I’ve fixed the problem and you’re still mad.” She continued, “I’m sorry, did I do something wrong? I was trying to fix it and I don’t know, maybe I made it worse. There’s no pleasing people.”