Aesthetically Pleasing Bars In KL To Choose For Your Next Saturdate

Tired of fast foods and busy restaurants? Worry not, these bars in Kuala Lumpur offer great ambience for you who want to sit back and relax, with a drink in hand and eyes on your handsome company. Everything from tiny local spots to luxurious, high-end places and chilled out lounges, these bars are perfect for your weekend’s night out. Drink it in, man.

  1. Coley Bar

Located in Bangsar city, Coley bar is Kuala Lumpur’s most popular bars offering you a carefully curated menu of cocktails that’s updated every so often. There’s a core selection of classic cocktails with a temporary Coley twist. The Koktel menu from the bar’s early days is still a favourite, with local-inspired drinks and ingredients.

(Source: Coley Bar)

2. The Roof

Treat your date with drinks at The Roof, First Avenue Bandar Utama. You can choose between a private and elegant lounge bar at Signature, or enjoy an outdoor drink on the open-air rooftop helipad at Stratosphere. From luxurious whisky cigar lounge to a steamboat dine, this bar is divided into Seven well-defined venues! 

(Source: The Roof)

3. The Rum Bar 

Into rum cocktails? The Rum Bar houses provide you with an impressive selection of over 300 labels all across the world. Their atmosphere will put you in a classy bar setting with rum ciders and plenty rum based cocktails menu—from the classics to the rare and limited editions. You can find this gem at the centre of KL’s heart, Bukit Bintang. 

(Source: Rum Bar)

4. Mantra Bar 

If you’re looking for a perfect place to sit back and relax while enjoying some sundawn, Mantra bar is the place for you. Strategically located in Bangsar Village II, this bar definitely is the best place to dine and wine in Kuala Lumpurwith special crafted cocktails, DJs to entertain you, and exquisite foods that the city has to offer. 

(Source: Mantra Bar)

5. JungleBird KL 

A tropical themed bar, decorated with bamboo stilts and rattan furniture on the interior and infused with Carribean spirit, mirroring their fan favourite menu, ‘’Jungle Bird Cocktail’’ which is designed to look like an actual jungle bird, with pineapple leaves sticking out of glass. They also serve a selection of pizzas—totally a great experience altogether. 

(Source: JungleBird Bar)