Adopt A Healthcare Worker, Community To Help Ease The Burden Of M’sian Frontliners

While frontline healthcare workers are giving a valiant effort to take care of us during the coronavirus pandemic, due to long hours some of them are finding it difficult to take care of themselves. In response, a various of so-called Adopt a Healthcare Worker groups have sprung up on Facebook to assist. 

I was thinking how I can help people here, especially people and friends in Malaysia

On Thursday, FlyFm invited Lena Fonseka, a pharmacist from Perth, Australia who came across the original ‘Adopt a Healthcare worker’ page in Western Australia but was unable to participate since she’s on maternity leave. Lena then approached by her dearest friend Dr. Bhavani, and together, they decided to set up the initiative here to aid the Malaysian health workers. 

I’m actually on the bench because I’m on maternity leave, and while I’m enjoying my time I feel really bad I can’t join my peers to help out. I hear them struggling, and it’s a very stressful environment right now

‘’That same day, Bhavani rings me—and she’s thinking to start this initiative in Malaysia, and I said look, let’s start up a Facebook page, and we see what happens. And little by little, we produced some good work’’. 

Bhavani had been working for Hospital Sungai Buloh for the past 10 years, and ever since the pandemic, she would receive multiple phone calls and text messages from people who were facing their daily challenges and obstacles, ‘’I didn’t know where to start. I’m like how can I help you?’’

‘’I have never worked this hard in my whole entire life, I’m so exhausted, I want to go to sleep but I’m like ‘no, I have to do this, I have to do that’’, said Bhavani. Lesa then added, ‘’As health workers, we need to try to look after ourselves, and try to be humble to some extent to reach help because we can burnt out too’’. 

Doctors, nurses, cleaners, anyone in the healthcare setting in the course of recent months has found themselves wound up in a frightening position. There are shortages of personal protective equipment, the shifts are longer than ever, with schools close to shutting down and the added family stress has intensified all these issues into a fluctuating mass of anxiety.

If there’s a group of people who are guaranteed to have undying and well-deserved respect thrown at them once the coronavirus pandemic is over, it’s our healthcare workers.

Delivering home cooked meals, walking the dog, running errands, picking up groceries, virtual hugs and lending a listening earthese are just a few examples of the small yet powerful acts of kindness that you can do to help ease the burden of the frontliners. 

Fore more info you can visit their Facebook page at Adopt a Healthcare Worker Malaysia.

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