Addicted To Online Shopping? You Could Have A Mental Health Problem

Love shopping online? You could have a mental health problem! According to psychotherapists, online shopping addiction is a mental health condition that has gone unrecognised for so long.

Dr Müller, a psychotherapist at Hannover Medical School in Germany made the claims after conducting a study of 122 patients who sought help for their online shopping addictions.

The research found those struggling with the addiction had higher rates of falling into depression and anxiety! During the research, scientists found those struggling with the addiction had higher than usual rates of depression and anxiety.

BSD – Buying Shopping Disorder 

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The term has been recognised for decades but living in today’s internet age, it now affects one in 20 people. Published in the journal of Comprehensive Psychiatry, BSD is the result of extreme cravings for buying things and satisfaction when spending money.

Shopping at all hours of the day without leaving home and interacting with people 

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The researchers believe that the addiction has gotten worse due to the rise of online stores, apps and home delivery. The internet never closes and there’s always a ton of deals!

How does this affect shopaholics? 

People who are obsessed with shopping online could end up hoarding, have money problems and completely lose self-control! The next time you shop, take a step back to think if this is something you really need before making a purchase.