Actress Wan Sharmila Calls Out The Double Standards Between Men & Women Accused of Having Affairs

Wan Sharmila is dishing out the piping hot truth.


39-year-old Malaysian actress, Wan Sharmila – or affectionately known as Lala – recently weighed in with her views on affairs and cheating. Speaking to Gempak, the Johor-born ‘Bisikan Syaitan’ actress found the treatment of women, who find themselves the third party in affairs, unfair.


Actually, I feel sorry for the women involved when I see issues where a partner is ‘stolen’. Why do we blame the third person?”



Wan, who currently stars in the hit drama ‘7 Hari Mencintaiku 2’ (based on the novel of the same name) states that a lot of the time, as outsiders, we are not privy to what goes on behind closed doors. As a result, what Wan often sees is that the man in the affair tends to get away with “pretending as if he did nothing, despite the fact that he played an active role in the affair”.


Without going into much detail, Wan shares how she recently read about a husband (who cheated on his wife). According to Wan, the husband is said to have apologised to his wife and family but issued no formal apology to the woman he had an affair with.


It’s a pity to hear that the woman has to go through the aftermath alone. It doesn’t matter if the woman was wrong to have been friendly with someone’s husband. When times are good, he buys her what she wants. Men like that are irresponsible.”


She goes on to drop her two cents, sharing that if men really want to marry more than one woman, they need to do it the right way. She comments that, in the case above, the man was (financially) capable of doing so but, in the end, chose to abandon the woman he was having an affair with.


Despite not dropping names, the situation that Wan describes is not far from what happened with fellow actress Alya Iman, who was called out (very publicly) by the wife of the businessman she was having an affair with.


Alya found herself the victim of slander, criticism and bullying after word got out that she had been having an affair with a married man. The wife of the businessman mentioned how her husband had bought designer bags and a Rolex for the 19-year-old as well as took her on business class trips with him. As the news got out of hand and the identity of the businessman was revealed, netizens were quick to flock to the duos social media. And while Alya had come forward to explain that she had actually been engaged to the businessman but had called off the engagement when she found out that his wife had no idea of their relationship, she was still subjected to hate online. As for the businessman, while there were messages calling for him to treat his wife better, most of the comments were that of support and well wishes.



Left: Comments on the businessman’s picture // Right: Comments on Alya’s picture (from Instagram)



Whether or not Wan is talking about Alya and her situation, there is no confirmation. However, what has happened with Alya merely serves to illustrate how Wan is right – people tend to blame and shame the female in the affair more than they do the man in question. This then brings about the question – why is it easier to call women “homewreckers” and “sluts” than it is to call out men for being irresponsible? Looks like we’ve got some reflecting to do.