Actress Fazura & Universal Music Have Been Found Not Guilty: Product Lawsuit Denied

Good news! Famous actress Fazura alongside record company Universal Music have been found not guilty and have been acquitted on charges of violating a contract promoting beauty and health products.

Kuala Lumpur High Court judge Datuk Mohd Firuz Jaffril dismissed the suit filed by Maydan Tradin’s company owner, Narhamdan Abd Malek as the plaintiff after finding that the product had not been approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH). The court then ordered Maydan Trading to pay Fazura and Universal Music the first and second defendants for RM40,000. 

In his judgment, Justice Mohd Firuz Jaffril said, “The plaintiff’s allegation that there was a breach of contract was inaccurate because the contract was terminated by the plaintiff itself,” he then added, “The contract in this case only involved the plaintiff and the second defendant, Universal Music Sdn Bhd’’, aka the company that manages the 37-year-old actress and singer. 

In fact, he said it was based on the evidence of the plaintiff’s own witnesses who clearly acknowledged Nur Fazura’s role as ‘Q Tab’ product ambassador. Oh and by the way, the judge also noted that, “The product that the plaintiff was marketing was illegal because it contained illegal substances’’. This means that the Mayden Tradin’s had marketed the wrong product and resulted in the contract being invalidated as well. Oops! 

The product that the plaintiff was marketing was illegal because it contained illegal substances

On December 16, 2017, Maydan Trading owner Narhamdan Abd Malek filed a suit against Nur Fazura, 37, as the first defendant and Universal Music Sdn Bhd as the second defendant. In a statement, they claimed that on August 10, 2017 there was an agreement that Fazura had to market the ‘Q Tab’ product, which is a chewable hair, skin and nail health product; within six months through social mediaFazura had to take pictures and videos and upload it on her Instagram mainly to promote the products. 

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However, Nurhamdan claimed that at the end of September 2017, Fazura allegedly breached the contract when the beautiful actress launched and marketed another beauty product called TRUOLLY ‘TruBeauty’ health while she was still in contract for ‘Q Tab’ marketing.

According to Nurhamdan, the situation created competition for the ‘Q Tab’ product and due to neglect of marketing the product, it caused him to lose. He then demanded a refund of RM156,000 from both defendants [Fazura & Universal Music] and damages of RM141,755.61 for breach of contract, interest and costs.

Fazura in her statement of defense filed on January 29, 2018 claimed that she had never entered into any agreements with the plaintiff, was not bound and did not have any contractual agreement with the plaintiff. Nevertheless, the favor is on the Fazura side! Good luck for your future endeavors!